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How to Make Your Sliding Windows Slide Easier?

How to Make Your Sliding Windows Slide EasierHow to Make Your Sliding Windows Slide Easier

If you have some old, poorly-maintained, or improperly installed sliding windows, you might have encountered some issues while opening and closing them. Your windows may refuse to slide across the track, and there could be many reasons behind this problem. While it is possible to manage a few of these issues with minimal maintenance, some may even require professional assistance. So, if you are tired of forcing your windows open, here are a few ways that will help you make your windows glide through those tracks effortlessly: 

Clean the Tracks Frequently

Dust, dirt, grime, wall debris, pollen, and even some bugs and small insects can quickly settle on the tracks. This can often increase the friction between the windows and the path, leading to sliding issues. Thus, it is advisable to clean your windows and the trails once a month. This will reduce the built-up dirt so that your windows can slide easily. 

To clean your windows, you need to close the panes completely and clean along the track with the help of a soft and dry cloth. You can even use a vacuum cleaner to help you quickly reach those tricky spots. Then, you can open the window and wipe other areas using a damp cloth. 

Adjust the Rollers

Your windows may also get stuck if the rollers and the sliding sash are not on track or well-aligned. You need to remove the panels and re-insert them correctly into the channel to adjust the rollers. For this, you may need professional assistance as you need to bring all the rollers in line with the track. While this may seem to be an easy task, this does require skill and practice. So, it is better to seek professional help and ensure that the job is done correctly. 

Lubricate the Tracks 

While cleaning the tracks will help eliminate all the debris, lubrication is key when it comes to sliding windows. So, after you have cleaned the trails, be sure that you lubricate the window channels as well. This is something that will help you glide your window panes with just a touch. You can use ordinary wax for wooden surfaces and a thin layer of silicone lubricant for other materials. While some people might think of using oil, it is usually not recommended. While it will offer a temporary solution, it will also catch all the dirt very quickly, which would make the entire process worthless. 

Usually, you would need to clean the tracks thoroughly and lubricate them once a year. This would ensure that your windows slide smoothly and quickly. 


You can keep your windows working efficiently and effortlessly with minimal care and maintenance. You can also get professional assistance if required. To ensure that you get your aluminium windows price’s worth, these are a few things that you should keep in mind. We hope that these tips will offer you a solution for your stuck window panes. 

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