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Reasons why a weekly cleaning service is superior to a monthly one

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Cleaning the house is a necessary aspect of our life. It’s true! Dirt, germs, viruses, and bacteria are more likely to assault your living area and immune system if you don’t keep your home clean. Although we understand that fitting in housework with your hectic schedule—work and leisure time—can be difficult. Therefore, it is best to engage qualified home cleaning services to do the task. Isn’t it lovely to come home to a tidy house after a long day at work?

Thought you knew that one of the crucial actions to take into account to preserve the cleanliness of your own space is hiring a cleaning to keep your property clean? In actuality, there are many things to think about. It would help if you worried yourself sick over it. Instead, focus on the broader picture. For your benefit, it is essential to ensure cleanliness is applied correctly. Given this, it is recommended to utilize a checklist to make sure your house cleaning is effective. On the other hand, there’s something more we’d want you to think about adding to it. Consider weekly house cleaning instead of monthly house cleaning as an excellent option.

Here are the top 5 perks of scheduling a weekly house cleaning for your advantage.

1. A weekly residential cleaning service keeps you accountable

If you’ve ever used Residential Cleaning Services, you likely rush about right before their arrival and gather everything so that they can focus on cleaning the items that need cleaning and not on gathering up junk. It is reasonable—however, nobody like the sense of rushing around just before their cleaning staff arrives. When you hire weekly housekeeping services, there is less time between cleanings for clutter to accumulate. This also implies that it will be much simpler to organize everything before deep-clean your house: Fewer clutter results from shorter cleaning intervals.

2. it’s a weekly fresh start

Nothing is better than entering a spotless, dust-free house with visible vacuum traces on the carpet and the scent of cleaning supplies filling the air. It has been scientifically established that the aromas of lemon and pine, two of the most popular cleaning products, make us happy. What further enhances the sensation? When you weren’t required to clean up after yourself! Many of our Edmonds clients choose to plan their weekly or biweekly house cleaning for early in the week so that it is done before their week officially begins. It’s a terrific way to start fresh each week and maintain a tidy house all workweek long.

3. Cleaning supplies aren’t as big of a concern.

We also bring our cleaning supplies when Clean & Simple visits for a weekly or biweekly cleaning. We get disinfectant, glass cleaner, and dusting spray. Therefore, while you may occasionally require a couple of these goods for maintenance tasks between cleanings and kitchen cleanups, you don’t need to have your cleaning supply closet as filled as you formerly did. You need to have a better-stocked cabinet of cleaning products whether you hire a cleaning agency or not, even with regular house cleaning services. We have experience. We carry the best cleaning materials with us since we know which ones are the most efficient.

4. It requires less upkeep than regular professional cleaning services.

A lot may occur between cleanings if you employ a monthly cleaning service. If you have a dust allergy, dust accumulation might be a significant issue. If dust causes problems for you or your family because of allergies, you should vacuum your home every one to two weeks. This implies that if you hire Professional Cleaning Services to come in once a month, you would be in charge of any further dusting sessions or maintenance cleanings required over the remainder of the month. When you choose Clean & Simple for weekly or biweekly house cleaning services, your home remains clean throughout the month.

Cleaning Services in El Paso
Glow Up Clean INC-Cleaning Services

5. it’s the perfect form of self-care

Hiring weekly house Maid Services is similar to giving oneself gifts every week. It is the pinnacle of self-care. You can benefit from having a sense of calmness when you get home to a clean house, cross one task off your already overflowing to-do list, and make your home clean and clutter-free. You may spend time there without feeling stressed out by keeping your home tidy. Mess and clutter may indeed make us feel stressed or overwhelmed. Dust, filth, and chaos in the corners provide extra, pointless visual stimulus.

To guarantee that your house is a stress-free refuge for you and your family, call Clean & Simple to come to generate that feeling for you once a week or once every other week. Our homes should be a place of quiet and tranquility. You’ll have more time to spend on the activities you enjoy, which makes you happy when you hire experts to clean your home weekly or biweekly. What could be better for you and your family than spending more time together doing what brings you the most joy rather than cleaning and polishing?

6. it’s more affordable than regular cleanings.

Many cleaning firms charge more for both one-time and monthly cleaning services. It makes sense: Much more time has gone by since the last cleaning, and using past Maid Services requires more effort and time to restore your property to its optimum condition. When you hire Clean & Simple, you’ll be astounded at the degree of detail work that goes into cleaning your house, and it’s a lot simpler to keep things that clean when we come every week. Because of this, many cleaning companies typically charge more for monthly cleanings than hiring professionals to perform cleaning duties once or twice weekly.

The house cleaning sector has a wide range of prices. Weekly home cleaning is typically more affordable than monthly cleaning services. A one-time or monthly cleaning fee will be significantly more expensive. Weekly house cleanings are unquestionably the preferable option. With weekly cleaning and other specialized services, we’ve been assisting people in Edmonds to maintain their homes immaculate for close to 30 years. Our customers are pretty happy with our weekly cleaning services and the time it gives them back to pursue their interests and spend with their family. Isn’t that the main point of it all??

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