What Kind of Renovation is possible with an Airless Paint Sprayer?

What Kind of Renovation is possible with an Airless Paint Sprayer?

A lot can be done with an airless paint sprayer, but it is important to note that not all types of renovations can be completed with this kind of paint sprayer. For example, if the renovation project requires a more sophisticated and accurate paint application (for instance: baseboard painting), then you should not use this type of equipment as you will not get the same results as with a traditional paint brush or roller.


Plaster and drywall scraping can be done using an graco airless paint sprayer. It is important to note that, in this case, you must use a very coarse spray tip and set the pressure to 50 – 60 PSI for this type of job.

Medium Tip

Another renovation project that can be done using an airless paint sprayer is the spraying of stucco. This type of sprayer should have a medium tip and pressure set at 40 – 45 PSI for best results.

If you wish to strip paint from a floor, then we recommend doing so with an Graco airless paint spray. It will help remove the paint quickly and efficiently without causing any damage to the existing surface or wearing out your arm from the manual labor of removing the paint with a scrapper.

Wooden Furniture

You can also strip paint from wood furniture using a spray tip. This option is especially useful if you have many pieces of furniture that need to be stripped before being painted or refurbished. You just attach your sprayer, plug it in, turn it on and let the power spray do all of the work for you.

Application of Texture

Another option that can be done with an Graco airless paint sprayer is the application of a texture coating to drywall. For best results, choose a coarse spray tip and turn down your compressor to 40 PSI. Depending on how heavy you want the textured coating to be, increase or decrease the amount of paint applied.

Texture Spray Gun

To decorate a room, you can use a spray texture gun and apply different types of textures to your wall. Mixing two coats is also possible with this kind of equipment. To do so, you simply adjust the pressure dial to ensure that it does not clog during the process.

You can also use a spray texture gun to add character and depth to walls, ceilings and wood furniture pieces. Simply choose the desired texture and apply it to your item of choice. It is recommended that you practice using the equipment on another surface so you get a feel for how much paint comes out with each pass of the machine.

French Provincial Look

If you wish to give your wooden furniture a French provincial look, then spray paint it! Using an graco airless paint sprayer will help you achieve the best results as it provides an even coat of paint with no brush strokes. Make sure to use textured spray tips for this type of renovation. Also ensure that the compressor pressure is set at 40 PSI.

Application of Faux Finishing

A graco airless paint sprayer texture gun is also commonly used for the application of faux finishing, but you can use your airless paint sprayer if it has a coarse enough tip. To create the “Faux bois” (fake wood) look, simply apply two coats of white paint followed by one coat of dark brown or black paint. The final result is an elegant textured wood finish that looks realistic!

Remove the Rust

While you cannot achieve the same result as with a paint roller or brush, you can still remove rust from metal objects such as furniture using an airless paint sprayer. All you need is steel wool and a coarse spray tip for this type of project. Simply attach the steel wool to the nozzle and apply a generous amount of WD-40 to create a paste. Use a rag to rub the paste onto the rusted area and wipe clean with a clean cloth when you are finished.

Sanding them down

Before applying paint to your doors, we recommend sanding them down first with sandpaper. It is important that they are smooth as possible, otherwise the paint will start peeling off as it dries. The use of an airless paint sprayer will help you achieve the desired result as it offers an even coat without any brush strokes or drips.

Once you have applied your paint or stain, simply take a piece of 180-grit sandpaper and run it over the surface to create a smooth finish. For best results, use a lubricating oil or wax to prevent the sandpaper from clogging up.

Metal Furniture

If you have metal furniture pieces that look worn down and rusty, give them a new lease on life by stripping off their paint using an airless paint sprayer! All you need is steel wool and a coarse spray tip to get started. Simply attach it to the nozzle, add a few drops of WD-40 and move it in long passes over the surface.

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