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Digital Document Verification – Robust Solution for Seamless Onboarding

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Verifiers in the past have used manual methods to identify the customers. They required customers to visit the offices for face-to-face interaction with their original documents. This verification type was prone to various issues like human error, misidentification, and lengthy processes. Not just this, the fraudsters were tough to identify. They could create fake and forged documents with little alteration. The manual verifier was unable to detect those fraudulent documents. Therefore, all of this increased the need for better solutions.

Hence, digital document verification is the required solution. Through this service, businesses can check the authenticity of identity documents. Alongside this, they can adhere to the KYC/AML compliance and prevent fraud. As per these standards, it is obligatory for the companies to verify the clients they are onboarding. To dodge and escape this process, criminals prepare fake documents, for instance to avail government and healthcare benefits. However, through AI and machine learning-backed document verification, there will be no loopholes left. 

What do the AI-backed Document Verification Services Check?

AI-backed technology is the new game-changer in the identification industry. The technology is quick and reliable. As per GoodeIntelligence, the global market is expected to reach a worth of over $15 billion by 2024. That is because businesses are massively adopting this technology to onboard authentic customers. In the work, AI focuses on certain elements that they verify to authenticate the documents. Through these checks, businesses can verify their customers’ identities. Some of these are:

AI Checks the Authenticity of MRZ Codes

AI-based services check the machine-readable code – MRZ. Information is extracted from the documents and recorded as codes. The system decodes the MRZ and then matches it with the pre-existing data. Through this, the system scans and evaluates the documents. Also, it identifies if there is any tampering within them.

AI Checks Identify the Format

AI-backed technology, unlike manual verification, can check various documents at a time. It matches the templates and the format of the documents with the original ones. For instance, every embassy and foreign office has different types of formats. Digital documents verification here has the capability to identify those big numbers of documents minutely. Hence, it lessens the time needed for the process. 

AI Checks the Authenticity

Machine learning and AI-based services scan and check the documents. Also, they identify authentic, original, and genuine documents. 

AI Checks Detect the Signs of Tempering

AI checks accurately verify the documents to such levels, to which the naked eye can’t. Criminals manage to make minor changes in the documents and create fake ones. There are fewer chances that the manual verifiers will be able to detect them. However, on the contrary, AI-backed services, identify even the slight changes. 

AI Checks Points Out Crumpled Pages

Governments throughout the world issue documents in paper form and customers are required to submit them in the same form. But with advancements, businesses have started to use online document verification solution. The AI-backed system checks these documents to point out if there are any folded corners or crumpled edges. 

AI Checks Confirms the Holograms

The original and genuine documents issued by the governments contain some distinct holograms. These make a difference between authentic and forged documents. Fraudsters can fake the information but it gets a bit tough to temper with the holograms. Even if they use advanced software like photoshop to make changes, the AI-backed services detect them in minimal time. 

AI Checks Inspect the Ink and Micro Prints

Alongside different holograms, the government uses special papers and different inks. Criminals use the same copy of the paper with similar ink to make changes in the original documents. However, AI and machine learning have the capability to detect those copies and authenticate the documents. The system runs a critical scan of the documents and identifies the minor changes. 

The government takes every possible measure to secure the identities and prevent fraud. To do so, they add an extra layer that is the micro prints. The AI-backed services identify the verification documents along with the micro prints on them. 

Why are Digital Document Verification Services the Most Effective?

AI-backed services are the most effective in more than one way. It detects fake, forged, and all types of illegitimate documents with improved accuracy. Furthermore, it has ticked out the traditional methods. By employing various checks, AI-backed document verification services authenticate national as well as foreign documents. Also, AI-powered verification solutions help businesses prevent instances of fraud and scams. That is so because the system critically analyzes every aspect of the documents. The plus point is that the customers won’t have to leave their houses for the process. 

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