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What are the Benefits of Microsoft Viva Learning?

Viva Learning

There are always more opportunities to learn, whether you’re an expert in your industry, have recently changed careers, or are simply an inquisitive creature. The amazing thing about the world we live in now is the ongoing level of invention. As a result, there is a wealth of knowledge available on the internet that can serve as a basis for your learning. 

The challenge then becomes, how do you locate the best resources to benefit and measure your learning? Viva Learning is a module of Microsoft Viva, an employee experience platform that empowers employees remotely. As a learning hub, it assists individuals in discovering and sharing professional training resources around their organization, as well as tracking their learning progress, all within Microsoft 365.

Viva Learning makes it simple to establish learning and growth opportunities for organizations without having to abandon existing communication platforms.

What are the Advantages of Using Microsoft Viva Learning?

We believe Microsoft Viva Learning has some substantial advantages that have the ability to alter organizational learning. Let’s look at some of the most likely outcomes.

Integrating Learning into Regular Job Flow

Learning has been on the outskirts of the digital workplace for far too long. Most organizations tend to focus on e-learning platforms that provide a subpar user experience, may not support single sign-on, and may have low uptake. Viva Learning integrates learning into the digital workplace and makes learning assets much easier to view and access. Learning is integrated right into the everyday flow of work because it is experienced through Microsoft Teams, a place where employees are increasingly spending their working day.

Provides a Comprehensive Learning Experience

Although most learning efforts center on a learning platform, the material can come from a variety of sources. Intranet pages, internal presentations, knowledge-sharing videos, third-party content, and podcasts can all be wonderful learning sources, but they may be scattered throughout your digital workplace. 

Microsoft Viva Learning can bring all of this together in one location, providing a more holistic and expansive view of content that ultimately enables greater learning.

Encourages Organizations to Consider Learning in a Broader Context

Organizations simply do not place as much emphasis on learning as they should, and all too often do not take a comprehensive or strategic approach. As a result, training is done with little or no coordination across numerous functions such as sales, IT, professional development, and so on. 

When an enterprise-wide platform such as Viva Learning is introduced, organizations are pushed to think more strategically and holistically about learning, resulting in initiatives that provide learners with more alternatives and empower teams to deliver better training.

Ensures Learning At Any Time and Anywhere

Many people’s learning prospects are not as fruitful as a result of reliance on classroom-based training. The pandemic has clearly shifted organizations’ perspectives, with more learning being available digitally rather than face-to-face. 

The introduction of Microsoft Viva Topics pushes organizations to digitize a greater amount of their learning and enable simpler access to it. This implies that learning is available to a far broader set of employees at any time, from any location. This broadens individuals’ learning chances while also easing the administrative burden on busy training functions.

Empowers Employees to Take Charge of Their Own Learning

When employees influence their professional development and career path, learning becomes much more potent. Introducing Viva Learning allows staff to begin learning by making knowledge more accessible. 

Introduces Learning and Knowledge-Sharing Into Peer Discussions

Viva Learning in Microsoft Teams, incorporates learning materials into peer interactions, refocusing learning content on knowledge-sharing and peer recommendations. This turns the emphasis away from learning as a top-down activity; potentially influencing how employees see learning resources and launching a powerful bottom-up learning culture.

The Emphasis is on the Digital Employee Experience

Employee experience includes learning, personal improvement, and professional and career development. Microsoft Viva Learning is an excellent tool to deploy as part of your overall endeavor. This will improve employee experience and prioritize those moments that count because it supports these areas.

Believe in Viva

Viva Learning is a nice addition to the Microsoft Teams employee experience. It contributes significantly to satisfying people’s unmet learning demands. At the same time, it enables businesses to maximize their investments in digital learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning or Coursera. 

We are eager to see how Viva Learning will affect employee training. As well as productivity, and professional development in the long run.

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