UV Lamp For Curing Your Lustrous And Elegant Gel Nails!

Elegant Gel Nails

Amid all the hype about at-home gel manicure kits, are you wondering what is an LED lamp inside the kit and how it works? Before discussing the UV lamp for nails, let us understand more about the at-home gel manicure kit. The at-home gel manicure is primarily designed by Presson Shop to get a salon-style finish of your gel manicure. Among the other ingredients of the gel manicure kit that makes your gel nails lustrous and long-lasting, the UV lamp is used to cure nail polish quickly. The UV rays of the lamp of your nails perfectly and are one of the safer and quicker options, especially if you have a hectic work schedule and cannot sit vacant drying your nails. The curing UV lamp has the potential to curio gel manicure within seconds without any discomfort or hassle. 

How to use the curing UV lamp for gel manicure?

The process UV lamp for a gel manicure is quite convenient and quick. Check out the below-mentioned steps to cure your gel manicure perfectly:

  • Switch on the UV lamp and go through the settings manual inside the box for a commendable manicure experience. Adjust the settings of the UV lamp as directed on the manual.
  • You must note that the manicure kit contains a base coat, gel nail polish, and topcoat. Each of these three shall be cured separately.
  • Apply a base coat and keep your nails under the UV lamp for 60 seconds. If the base coat still seems a little bit, use the lamp for another 30 seconds. 
  • After curing the base, paint your nails with your favorite gel nail polish.
  • Place your nails under the UV lamp for 15 to 20 seconds to cure the gel nail polish.
  • Apply the final topcoat to secure gel Nails and make them look more lustrous and shiny. 
  • Again place your nails under the UV lamp for 60 seconds to lock everything in place. 

Can one get a neat finish using the at-home gel manicure kit with a UV lamp? 

Even if you own a Nail salon, investing in the ultraviolet gel nail lamp is the most pocket-friendly option. It can significantly increase the revenue of your business as it takes a few seconds to dry the gel manicure. As the nails dry quickly with a UV lamp, you as a business owner are likely to attend to more customers in less time, making the most out of your day. The UV lamp also saves a lot of time for your customers, thus enhancing the customer experience and creating long-lasting relationships with them. 

On the other hand, if you are trying the at-home gel manicure kit for personal use, you will highly appreciate how quickly your nails get dried. Curing the gel nails using a UV lamp allows women to keep the lustrous finish of their nails intact for a longer period. The lamp also hardens the gel manicure within seconds, imparting a smooth and flawless finish.Now that you are convinced enough to use the gel nail curing lamp, it is time to invest in one. Get the top quality and best gel nail lamp from Presson Shop to enhance your experience.

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