Traversing the Handicrafts of Surat

Traversing the Handicrafts of Surat

From collections of arts and textiles to gorgeous handcrafted fabrics and unusual tribal jewellery, even the most hesitant shoppers cannot resist all the intricately exquisite handicraft articles Surat has to offer. 

Patterned stone work, handmade shawls, mirror work, rugs, dyed bandannas, and silver jewellery make shopping in Surat a memorable experience. So next time you plan to visit this vibrant city in Gujarat, do not forget to rent a car in Surat and embark on a fun-filled shopping spree to shop for these famous handicraft items. 

  • Stunning Miniature Paintings

The exquisite miniature paintings of Surat are famous for their artistic grandeur. These paintings typically display pictures of Radha-Krishna, peacocks, ancient kings, and queens, etc. In addition, these miniature paintings are adorned with persecuted layers of semi-precious or treasured stones to offer a gleaming effect on them. Furthermore, the natural pigments used to decorate these paintings are derived from minerals, plants, and shells and do not wither through time.

Where to buy: Ramada Market, Dumas Road

  • Pure Khadi Cotton

The satisfaction of wearing hand-woven Khadi cotton is exceptional, and Surat is the hub of shopping for stitched and ready-made Khadi cotton fabrics. This evergreen fabric comes stained with organic, high-quality colours, and after buying the fabric, you can even get it stitched within the city.

Where to buy: Gujarat State Emporium, Rander Road

  • Metal and Gems Jewellery

An ever-lasting jewellery-making tradition in the vibrant Surat city comes in all its sparkling shapes in gold, silver, and diamond jewellery. Delicate Meenakari, Brass, and Kundan’s work on the captivating jewellery design makes them look attractive. 

Apart from buying these silver, gold, or diamond jewellery, you can also buy antiquely oxidised and black metal jewellery that is a staple here. The artistic oxidised and black metal jewellery ranges from necklaces, anklets, pendants, headgear, nose rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. Likewise, you can never miss buying precious stones and gems when touring Surat for a shopping binge.

Where to buy: Gangaur Jewellers

  • Patola Silk Sarees 

Renowned for its unique grandeur combined with the detailed zari work made of silver or golden thread, the Surat city maintains the most vibrant collection of silk sarees made from high-quality Patola silk. 

While the history of these Patola silk sarees goes back to the ancient period, these sarees earned fame in the 20th century and are now treasured by women globally. 

Where to buy: Gujarat State Emporium, Rander Road, Ring Road Market

  • Clay and Terracotta Work

Sculptures and toys made of terracotta and clay are other famous handicraft items to shop for in Surat. Clay figurines and toys like cows, bulls, horses, and buffaloes are the watermarks of the Gujarati craft style that you can shop to decorate your home or offer as a gift to your loved ones. 

Where to buy: Ramakada Market

  • Textiles

Surat is renowned for its dynamic textiles, specifically the Bandhani saree. These textiles arrive handmade, employing block printing techniques and highlighting diverse patterns to give a striking look to these traditional textiles. 

Likewise, the famous Bandhani sarees are celebrated for their fabulous designs and wavy textures. Scarves, Odhnis, and shawls are the other handcrafted textile items you can shop in Surat. 

Where to buy: Gujarat State Emporium, Rander Road, Ring Road Market

The vibrant city of Surat is a dynamic place where you can experience exquisite handicrafts like never before. So next time you visit Gujarat, book a Surat taxi service and indulge in a fun shopping adventure. 

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