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Some subjects comprise both understanding the concept, as well as numerical solving, and one of them is science subject. It is versatile and composed of theory, practical diagrammatic representation, and graphics. Students need to understand the concept and enhance their thinking level in this subject. They also need to be more focused in the classroom to have numerical and critical thinking to solve its question. However, it becomes much easier to understand the concept in online classes as they give visual representation and use advanced software like ERP, a learning management system, to organize everything in a much more interactive way. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the methods through which learning science becomes fun for students and they understand thoroughly with fully involved in it :

How to Make Science Learning Fun?

Hand-on learning: It is unique and a most adopted method as in this method, students are not in the audience; instead, they are themselves in the understanding and experimenting. For example, schools arrange microscopes to see the leaves and their parts and apparatus to carry out different experiments. Similarly, schools can use smart classrooms and advanced software like a learning management system that allows students to learn anytime & anywhere whenever they want.

Storytelling: We all love to hear stories, and so do these kids. Storytelling methods are helpful to make them understand a few important topics like human evolution, gravitation, periodic tables, and how they are created, so basically, storytelling makes things easier to understand, and we can memorize things more easily.

Role play method: It could be fun to learn about the concept. For example, with students’ help, you can demonstrate different bonds like carbon bonds, weak bonds, etc., stick two children together or two best friends as an example of the sigma rule and various others. It will help students to learn different concepts more efficiently, and they won’t forget them for life.

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Sports-based learning: There are various methods in which you can teach students with logic and fun. For example, you can pick a stone, tie it with string, and revolve it in a circular motion. It will show the circular motion; similarly, in cricket, the different moves of the ball can represent gravitation and many more.

Visual clues: see whenever we see videos or movies, they get into our heads more quickly because we take them for entertainment. So teachers can teach theory related and then show video or diagrammatic representation So that students can learn more and emphasize things more easily in their minds.

Use scientific terms: Let the child discuss the topic in your class, including the different terminology. For example – if you ask them to define force, let them answer it in scientific language.

Science card game: In this, you can write different words on the cards and then add them as the puzzle, or you can write two formulas in one and word on one and then fix them. And the student who will do all correct rewards with the chocolate.

Word games: Students can play these games, which include bingo, odd, hangman, etc. In this, students can learn new scientific words with fun.

Social media: Teachers can use different social media accounts to access the student’s reviews of other activities. Like they can use a statement on Twitter and Pinterest, which can make them more involved in the various experiments and more active on social media.

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Decorative wall: You can pick different science themes to illustrate other terms and pictorial representations of the scientific terminology so that students are interested in that field. You can also use different cartoon characters to show the use of science, and related queries, which make the subject more exciting and kids involve themselves more in this.

Summing Up

These are different ways to help students understand the concept of science easily. Students don’t feel any kind of hurdle while learning through these interactive ways and enjoy the lesson throughout

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