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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting : Use QuickBooks Desktop in a multi-user mode

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting : Use QuickBooks Desktop in a multi-user mode

QuickBooks hosting is the process of installing licenced copies of the desktop version of QuickBooks on virtual cloud servers. QuickBooks cloud hosting services are a popular and widely used accounting programme deployment technique that allows many users to access the hosted application and corporate data from anywhere in the world.

QuickBooks Hosting Guide – 

  • You must first exchange your QuickBooks license and other relevant information before installing QuickBooks on our SOC-2 cloud platform.
  • Then you must establish your QuickBooks Cloud server and migrate your data in order to set up your QuickBooks cloud hosting platform.
  • Following that, all QuickBooks users on your team will be given remote desktop login credentials, allowing them to access and use the application.
  • Thanks to industry-standard security measures and two-factor authentication, secure access is available anywhere, at any time.
  • The RDP Web Connector facilitates communication between the cloud server and the users’ devices. It is meant to login according to the users’ demands.
  • This customized QuickBooks remote server may be accessed from any tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop running any operating system, including MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.
  • You can access, share, collaborate, and work with other approved users via an RDP shortcut or a web browser.

The Advantages of QuickBooks Hosting

Anywhere, at any moment

For many small business owners, QuickBooks hosting is a selling point. There’s no need to be anxious about being limited to a single computer. QuickBooks Hosting lets you to access your application from your tablet or smartphone. QuickBooks hosting allows you to access your Windows-based software from anywhere in the world, allowing you to use it on multiple devices and PCs.

Collaboration has improved.

The mobility provided by QuickBooks hosting is especially important for firms with several QuickBooks users. QuickBooks does not require installation on a large number of devices, and users have unrestricted access to the software. This allows several users to access the software from any location at the same time.

Data Security

A lot of sensitive data and information is stored in your accounting software. To avoid data loss, you may want to save important data and reports on the computer. What if your laptop or computer is misplaced or destroyed? It’s vital to safeguard your sensitive data from natural disasters and hackers. With QuickBooks hosting, many protection and security precautions are taken to ensure that only you and the people you designate have access to your data.

IT Costs are Reduced

Some companies would rather have QuickBooks hosted on their own dedicated servers. When you factor in setup fees, maintenance fees, and other expenses, it can soon mount up. Using a QuickBooks hosting-provided remote server can be less expensive than owning and maintaining an on-premise server.

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