How To Choose A Perfect Laboratory Fume Hood For Your Lab?


A lab’s most valuable equipment is its people. Investing in a top-quality laboratory fume hood will protect your team from harmful contaminants, reduce the risk of accidents, and keep your work environment healthy and pleasant. Cost, efficiency, or capacity are not the only factors that matter when searching for a fume hood. With perfect matching Laboratory Dusted Fume Hoods, you can ultimately get a safer environment and better outputs. But to ensure these benefits, you need to put some effort first in finding the best exhaust fume hood in the market. Here’s what to look for when shopping for new lab equipment:


How To Choose A Perfect Laboratory Fume Hood For Your Lab?

A fume hood has to fit in a budget and needs to fit in the space you want it to function. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to find out its dimensions before purchasing it. In addition, the size should fit your lab space so that the operation can go smoothly with no trouble. You do not want to end up making or breaking your palace when you can buy a perfect fit exhaust hood easily. Therefore, a wise decision is to decide the place and take measurements first before investing in any fume hood.


An exhaust hood with a weak fan will be noisy due to the vibration and friction of parts rubbing against each other, resulting in a high level of noise production. To avoid this problem, you need to get one with a high-quality fan not to create excessive noise pollution. You can conduct an online search for exhaust hoods with insulated foil-faced sound barriers.


How To Choose A Perfect Laboratory Fume Hood For Your Lab?

The power source of the fume hood dramatically affects its performance. A motor that consumes a large amount of energy will result in higher bills and more frequent breakdowns due to wear and tear on the various parts of the equipment. Therefore, the power source is essential to consider when buying a lab fume hood.

Curved or Flat Fume Hood?

A curved fume hood is generally more expensive than a flat one because it is made from stainless steel and offers a better design for applications with multiple functions. Also, it needs higher quality filters compared to flat fumes hoods, which are much cheaper than their curved counterparts.

Fume Hood Position

How To Choose A Perfect Laboratory Fume Hood For Your Lab?

Most exhaust fumes travel up in lab fume hoods, making the position of the lab unit important. Also, you need to find out where your waste is going before buying a lab fume hood. Thus, think about it before investing and make sure you get your money’s worth for the expense, and don’t regret the investment decision later on.


A fume hood can include an air filter to remove contaminants from the air being exhausted. Air filters are critical because they help clean the air of active chemicals and other airborne particles that may be present in your laboratory space before releasing them into the atmosphere.

Some Common Types Of Fume Hoods

A fume hood is generally used in the lab to create positive pressure under a hood to help prevent exposure to dangerous chemicals. The most common types of fume hoods are:

  • Hot Fume Hood – These are designed with heat-producing equipment like the Bunsen burner or an alcohol lamp. This type aims to prevent the ignition of flammable gases from escaping into the environment, thus preventing an explosion.
  • Cold Fume Hood – Termed as blast cabinets, these are used in labs where flammable chemicals are used. This type of fume hood is generally much bigger than the hot version and has significantly more space for filter media, ducting and other filtration components.
  • Combustion Hood – Also known as a fire hood, it is designed with fire sources like torches but does not contain any flames. The advantages of this type of exhaust hood are that it can also be used to generate heat from the fumes being released and heat the room to improve comfort and ambience within.

Choosing the best Laboratory Dusted Fume Hoods may not be an easy task, but it is certainly worth your time and effort to get it right. With the knowledge you have gained from this article, any fears or doubts you may have about buying a proper exhaust hood for your application should be gone.

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