If you’ve invested in a vehicle, you know the importance of ensuring that it’s properly stored in a safe space. And although it’s viable to build a garage for it, this is not a practical choice for a couple of reasons, it’s time-consuming and materially expensive.

With the limitations of a garage, the market gave a solution to defeat the constraints of building one. Thus, carports are introduced to the public. They possess a lot of advantages compared to a garage. Aside from being easier to build and cost-effective, there are other advantages you might want to check out.

Advantages of Building a Carport over a Garage


Protecting your vehicle is the main purpose of building a carport. With it being steel manufactured, sturdiness is guaranteed regardless of weather condition.

It perfectly protects your vehicle’s interior from getting too hot during hot weather. As such, it ensures the healthy condition of the car.


Open-spacing is one of a carport’s known desirable features. Hence, having it in your house creates additional space for an outdoor gathering.

For example, if you want to celebrate holiday parties outside, the carport is an excellent venue. Even better if it’s strategically located to oversee your garden’s aesthetic designs.


Robbery plays best in a discrete location like a garage. A carport’s open-spacing defeats the chance of a robber to loot the car.

With its high customizability, you can place it near the window to conveniently check it. Also, you can easily fit a security system like CCTV to increase safety further.


Dismantling your carport isn’t difficult to do. Thus, it doesn’t come with extensive labor if you want to relocate it or replace it with a new design.

As added, getting it back after dismantling is no sweat either. You just need to follow the manual that comes with the carport.

Components of a Basic Carport Structure

A carport is one of the simplest forms of a metal building. Most of its components are universally used in constructing a steel structure like:

  • Base Rail. It’s used to stabilize the carport and avoid collapsing.
  • Braces. They keep the attachment of bolts strong to prevent external forces from tearing them down.
  • Gable Roofs. They easily shed water and snow. It also provides good water drainage and ventilation.
  • Hat Channels. They provide a corrosion-resistant framing component. It will help the level of the carport ceiling even.
  • Roof Ladders. There are instances where you need to check the roof for leak problems. The hooks provided by the ladder make it easier to move and inspect the roof.
  • Ridge Cap. It protects the carport from being penetrated by rainwater and moisture. Consequently, the metal inside the carport won’t get easily rusted or decayed.
  • Truss. If you want your carport roof system to be healthy and safe, this is the component to develop.

There are other components you can add to these basic ones. The structure remains to be based on the outline you wanted to pursue.

What matters is these basic components are in good quality condition. They will define how concretized your carport structure will be later on.

Carports address the problem you commonly encounter in a garage. It’s undoubtedly an invention that solves relevant constraints for consumers who want to ensure vehicle safety.

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