Overhead Garage Door Repair In Westchester, NY

overhead garage door repair

If you’re having trouble with your overhead garage door, it’s probably time to hire a repair professional. There are many things to look for and troubleshoot, including misaligned sensors, faulty wiring, falling off its tracks, and noises. Luckily, there are many places to turn for repair services in Westchester, NY. Listed below are some of the most common reasons that overhead garage doors need to be repaired.

Misaligned Sensors

Overhead garage door repairs can be tricky, but the first step is identifying the sensor. A green light with no flashing red lights is a common sign that the sensor is misaligned. A dirty lens may also cause misalignment and require cleaning. To perform an adjustment, use a soft cloth to wipe the lens and adjust the sensor to ensure that the lens is facing the other way.

To fix a sensor that’s not aligned, you can push or pull it until the beam of light turns on. Make sure the beam of light is solid, but if it flickers, the problem is caused by an obstruction. Try a different method and check again later. If the issue is still persistent, call a technician to inspect the door. Regardless of how long it’s been, misaligned sensors can cost you a ton of money and inconvenience.

Faulty Wiring

The cables of an overhead garage door can become frayed or twisted, and it’s time for a repair. Cables work hand-in-hand with the spring to open and close the door, and their condition should be checked by a professional. Cables must be adjusted and lubricated to operate smoothly. In the worst case scenario, frayed or damaged wires should be replaced by a professional garage door contractors.

If the wires at the opener don’t work, it might be the fault of the control board. This board shares power with the opener’s circuit, and faulty wiring can lead to too much heat. You should also replace the faulty insulation in the circuit board. If the faulty insulation can’t be replaced, contact a garage door repair technician or an electrician for a repair. If you aren’t able to do it yourself, you can ask a technician to replace the wiring in the overhead garage door.

Falling Out Of Tracks

Despite being one of the most common problems associated with overhead garage doors, falling out of track is not always an obvious problem. In some cases, the door may even fall off the tracks completely. In these cases, you can try the following methods to repair your door. Before attempting any of these fixes, you should make sure that the overhead garage door is shut. Turn off the automatic garage door opener and close the door manually to avoid tampering with it.

If you notice that the garage door is falling off of the track, check for misaligned tracks. The tracks need to be parallel and not out of line with each other. This can cause the rollers to pop off the tracks. If you notice a bent track, you can use pliers or wood to pry it out. If the bent track is not removable, you can use vise-grips to remove it.


If you’re concerned about noises coming from your overhead garage door, you may need to call in a professional technician for help. While it can be tempting to try to troubleshoot the problem yourself, it’s far safer to leave it to a professional. A quality tune-up and maintenance can help you keep the door running quietly. Plus, you’ll save money by not having to replace your entire door.

Some of the most common causes of noises in overhead garage doors stem from the door opener. It can be easily resolved by tightening hardware and installing a new track. However, some other issues can result in louder noises. The first is that the garage door opener chain slaps against the rollers on its track. To remedy this problem, you should lubricate the chain and grease the rollers. If this does not solve the problem, call an Overhead Garage Door Repair service to come check and repair the opener.


Before attempting any overhead garage door repair, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance. The most basic routine maintenance involves checking the torsion spring assembly, which consists of the cable, drum, end bearing, shaft, and key. Other parts to be checked include the hinges and rollers. These parts should be oiled and checked for cracks and wear. Overhead garage door repair also includes inspecting the cable and shaft, as well as the hinges and rollers on the left side.

Expert inspections are recommended by insurance companies. Not only will an inspection ensure that your overhead door is compliant with safety codes, but it will also prepare you for the inspector’s visit by pointing out common problems that may occur. Broken parts or noticeable damages should be addressed before the inspector arrives. In some cases, there may be a structural problem that requires repair. If these issues are not detected in advance, you may be in need of a garage door repair.


Overhead garage doors can be expensive to repair, but they also add curb appeal to your property. Some damage may be repairable while others require a replacement. Generally, torsion and springs lift the door. Depending on the type, repairing one spring may cost anywhere from $200 to $500. To save money, you should replace both springs. Most torsion springs are rated for 10,000 close/open cycles.

Overhead garage doors can be as expensive as $1200, depending on the style and materials. A one-panel carriage-style door may cost $128 to $200. Wood garage doors are more expensive than steel, but aluminum doors are durable and rust-resistant. Repair costs for aluminum garage doors range from $176 to $200. Some garage door companies offer emergency 24-hour services. But, the costs for repairing overhead garage doors can be higher for a wood door.

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