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Do A Mid-year Review of Your Repair Shop – You’ll Thank Yourself!


While all other brands and businesses are focused on summer sales, you can do one additional thing by doing a mid-year review of your business. Trust me, do a virtue for yourself and your business!

We are almost halfway to 2022. It’s a good time to reflect on your business activities, and performance to make some comparisons. Instead of going through a plethora of business calculations at the end of the year why not do it halfway. This way you will not have any burden. It is a healthy business activity to do a business review mid-year and it renders enormous benefits for your business. I highly recommend it.

You tell me how many times have you thought, “Man I wish I would’ve done that earlier.” That’s exactly how you’ll feel at the end of the year if you miss this step, along with other hassles. 

Now let me get this straight. I am not saying all this to overwhelm you but I assure you will not regret doing it. Once you’ve done a mid-year review, it will help you with your future business decisions and forecasting. Instead of doing it yearly and then implementing it year after you can improve your business twice a year. Make it your business norm!

Considering a repair shop, you already have all the data about your repairs and sales on your repair shop software. All you have to do is to review it mid-year too.

Work Smarter Not Harder

After spending your summer happily you would never want to put yourself in a room full of clutter of files from different departments of your business. Would you? 

Of course not! Instead of looking forward to a new year’s progress and plans you would be stuck solving previous ones. In that process you will lose a lot of market worth.

This is where a mid-year review would help you. After doing the mid-year review you would have gone through a major chunk of problems and activities already. By the year’s end, you would feel light as a feather and everything will be under control. Apart from that you will be able to focus on next year’s resolutions.

In a repair business, repair shop software can help you a lot to analyze all your data and sales. Instead of compiling files, faxes, and email, you will just analyze the data on a unified platform i-e POS software. Making use of this advanced tool is a smart approach to business. Utilizing it from time to time like a mid-year business review will make your life easier.

Congratulations! You won’t be a miserable repair shop owner by the end of the year.

Helps You Make Fruitful Changes

Since you will know what your repair shop needs and what improvement can make it better, you will focus on those points and eliminate the other areas. You will focus on your lagging areas. For example you will know when your inventory needs to be restocked or which items are always high in demand. By reviewing all the data you will pinpoint the loophole and try to cover it in the next half of the year successfully.

Whether your marketing was weak or your inventory had some leakage, you have now figured it out by doing a mid-year business review of your repair shop. And of course, your cell phone repair POS software will come in handy in this.

You Can Get Ahead of Your Competitors

When other repair shops will be sleeping on their business review and focused on other tasks, you will be the one secretly carving your progress. Just like the tortoise who was slow, steady, and considerately moving every step towards success, unlike the rabbit who slept through his luck.

Your competitors will be happy making sales and boating revenue. On the other hand, you will be doing both and you would’ve managed it all by the end of the year. You will plot new modules whereas your competitors will stick to the yearly bookkeeping. Just like that, you will go ahead of your competitors.

Your Future Action Plan Would Be Ready to Go

With all the information on leads, sales, employees, and inventory from your repair shop software you will be ready to implement that information towards your business growth. You will have a clear idea about which parts need work and which activities should be done to accelerate your repair shop processes, hence boosting your sales.

From ordering inventory to making a full-fledged marketing strategy for the coming year, you would be ready with the action plan. All you will have to do is to work on it.

Moreover, by practicing mid-year business review over the years your predictions and forecasting will be nothing less than a pro. You will know what threats or down comings can you encounter before they damage your business.

Employees Evaluation

A mid-year review is the best way to have a check on your employee’s performance. With other things you can also check which of your technicians have done maximum repairs or quality work over 6 months. With this data in your POS software, you can appreciate them for their hard work and if they are lagging at some points you can give them opportunities to learn. You can decide on promotions based on the evaluation. This way you would have a healthy, learning-friendly working environment. This of course will benefit your business as your employees will work more passionately when appreciated and provided opportunities for improvement.

If you haven’t yet considered doing a mid-year review then you are missing out majorly.

By now you should’ve gotten an idea of how a little pain taking can take you and your business a long way towards success just like small ripples create huge waves ….

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