Meeting with Axone6, The solopreneur, an ultimate inspiration of millions of youngsters around the globe

Sheraz Axone6

Well, at present we had a tremendous chit chat session with the younger Pakistani automobile fanatic who’s an final inspiration of Millions. Yes, we’re speaking about none apart from Sheraz, often known as Axone6 within the automobile trade. He is multi functional and a real inspiration for each struggler on the market. He has a hit story that everybody wants to listen to. So what are we ready for? Let us have an perception into what we needed to speak about with him at present:

So inform us a bit extra about your self and that what makes you being a petroleum head?

“Yeah! I’m Sheraz, 23 years outdated. Basically, I’m from Bahawalpur, Lower Punjab, Pakistan. I’m from a middle-class household. I’m an automobiles fanatic and partial businessman. I’m an individual Who is a college dropout certainly, but this didn’t succeed to maintain me from being a Millionaire myself.  The life that I’ve at present didn’t include me, slightly I earned it with my ardour and battle. I’m a giant petrolhead as I’ve an distinctive love for automobiles. This additionally had me moved to Dubai.”

So what did you progress to Dubai for?

“well, all because I am a petrol head, I  became a solopreneur and eventually moved to Dubai in 2017 to acquire more and more experience in the automotive sector and seek more knowledge of what I love and have always loved. Afterward, I also initiated my career as a marketing assistant in one of Dubai’s Top listed and world famous Supercar showroom. “

People would like to know what are you doing at the moment?

“Umm,  as I said, I am a crazy car lover, so I am working as a market head in the world’s best supercar showroom “AL Ain Class Motors. My super affection for cars brings me right here to Struggle sufficient to realize my aspect hustle as a solopreneur. This had made me work on one thing huge the place I may showcase my very own creativity and love for automobiles to the world and the place individuals may put it to use too. so for that, I’ve a giant venture coming quickly.”

Meeting with Axone6, The solopreneur, an ultimate inspiration of millions of youngsters around the globe

What is that venture? Tell us about it please –I’m approach too excited to know!

“Yeah, positive! Well, my venture is which you can even name my most up-to-date venture. This venture that I’m truly launching in my homeland, is about an E-commerce platform. It can be launched within the first quarter of 2021 and It will allow individuals from any class or say much less lucky to purchase luxurious stuff they all the time wished to have. I’m an intermediate spot foreign exchange dealer too. My spirit to provide again to society is what took me right here to launch this venture of mine and that too, in my very own nation in order that my very own individuals can take pleasure in one thing good.”

So inform our younger technology what’s that one factor that retains you going and helps you obtain your final aim?

“Well !!  I have a huge message for our young generation. Being in pursuit of becoming a millionaire myself, I have always strongly believed in having a die-hard passion for something and muster up enough courage to take action about it. Do struggle on it, workdays and nights regardless of time, and make things happen. This is what I have always done and would love to advise my young people who have a passion for anything. Be a tough person when it comes to your goals. Don’t just step back, I repeat, don’t. “

He additionally added: “if I speak about myself, I by no means Went to university and eventually a college dropout, but I’ve misplaced nothing huge in that. Indeed, I might by no means have reached right here if I did not have a powerful religion and braveness in myself. Strong believes and braveness to work in your targets is the factor. I might by no means have achieved all this if didn’t have any of those.”

What the actual targets ought to seem like to kids? what’s your say?

“well, I must mention here that for beginners and professionals, the ultimate goals should never be the money, rather it should be about living your life on your own terms. I must mention that was not my first ever project, rather I have previously worked on some other projects like,, I worked equally hard on these projects but unfortunately, I was not able to catch much success in them. yet it never had me demotivated. Rather I used to be more committed to keeping dreaming and working on my dreams. So was what came next into the list. ”

What ought to individuals do to catch you up?

Well, I’m all the time on social media and I hold posting lots there. Especially,on Instagram. It is Axone6. You can comply with me to communicate with me and seeing the newest journeys I’ve and my every day actions.

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