BarterUnit LLC announces it will give its next 5,000 registered users 1,000 FREE Barter Units


BarterUnit LLC, an American startup has developed a digital community currency – called the Barter Unit. The Barter Unit is designed to be the closest digital equivalent to physical cash. 

President of the BarterUnit establishment Timothy White officially announced its Barter Unit giveaway;

“Starting November 3rd, 2020, the BarterUnit establishment will give its next 5,000 registered users 1,000 FREE Barter Units to stimulate local sustainable economic growth and development, as well as to promote new beginnings of economic equality, freedom and security for everyone,” says White.

The Barter Unit is alternative digital money in which the company encourages its participants to adopt and spend on negotiated goods, services and unwanted items.

“It’s simple really, we’re doing something amazing here. We’re providing people an alternative source of capital to help get them through hard economic times. It’s digital money that is designed to take into account the interests of the people, not corporations. It’s time we collectively challenge the status quo and break barriers for a more dignified and freedom respecting economic system,” says White.

BarterUnit LLC has also confirmed it will soon implement a social media platform enabling users to monetize by simply posting images, videos and written expression. The social media platform is set to be integrated and launched on November 30, 2020. The BarterUnit mobile application is now available on the Apple and GooglePlay stores. 

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