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Are you looking for an online Quran teaching course that will help you learn Tajweed and improve your recitation? If so, then look no further than the teachings offered by Al-Quran Institute. Our online Quran classes are designed to help students of all levels learn this ancient art and become better Muslims. Each class is taught by a qualified instructor who has extensive experience in both teaching and reciting the Quran. Students can be assured that they will receive high-quality instruction and be able to progress at their own pace.

What is Tajweed and why is it important for learning Quran correctly

People who want to learn Quran, either for themselves or with a teacher, often have questions about things they hear in the classroom. Such questions might be raised, for example:

  • Why is the imam reciting in a way different from me?
  • What is that sound coming from the person next to me while I’m trying to recite?
  • What does that word mean?

People are usually surprised at the complexity of these questions. Learning Quran is not simply about learning Arabic or how to recite, but about understanding what you are reading. This requires learning some more rules in addition to the basic rules governing correct pronunciation of Arabic words and phrases which allow you to read correctly with intonation, pauses, and when to go down or up in tone when speaking. This is called Tajweed.

People might have various misconceptions about what Tajweed is. Some people think that it is simply the rules for reciting Quran correctly which are found in popular books called “Tajweed”. Others think that it has something to do with the beauty of recitation or some special intonation that is not understood.

The different types of Tajweed classes available online

Many reasons encourage students and scholars to gain this knowledge. One reason is that they may not be committed to a certain teacher or Mosque. In which case, they should know the different types of tajweed so that they can choose one suitable for them.

Another reason is, scholars may need to know the different opinions of other scholars before evaluating their opinion, which would be obvious if they are aware of the different types of tajweed. For example, some scholars hold that it’s obligatory to stop short on the letter ra, while some scholars allow stopping short on all mutes [and even some fathahs]. This would be obvious if you are aware of the different types of tajweed.

So it is necessary to know these differences to understand and compare what people say about a certain point of the recitation. How can we determine which type of tajweed is suitable for our situation if we don’t know what the differences are in the different opinions?

A third reason is, when they listen to someone reciting Quran, they need to know if it follows the known rules in their opinion. This would be obvious if you are aware of the different types of tajweed.

Tips for choosing the right online Quran tutor

What makes a person an able Quran teacher? Here are some tips to help you find the best online Quran tutor:

Look for a qualified and experienced teacher

The importance of having a good teacher cannot be over-emphasized, as he/she is responsible for transferring knowledge from the teacher to the student. That’s why it is key to look for an experienced and qualified teacher who has the following attributes:

  • Knows how to correctly pronounce Quran words.
  • Understands Arabic, at least at a basic level.
  • Is able to explain difficult concepts in simple terms.
  • Can answer all kinds of questions (weak vs strong ).

Many people do not have the time, equipment, or a person available to teach them how to read and recite Quran. The Quran classes in Mexico are going to take away the excuses that parents, children, young adults, or anyone for that matter have when it comes to learning Quran. Every Quran class online is unique but there are several Quran classes that are offered for free.

There are Quran classes in Mexico available online to guide people through learning the Quran regardless of their age or level of expertise.

If you’re looking for a professional online Quran tutor to help you learn Tajweed and recite the Quran correctly, we have a wide selection of tutors to choose from. We recommend that you take your time in choosing the right tutor, as this will be someone who will be helping you improve your recitation skills and knowledge of the Quran. Make sure to ask plenty of questions before deciding on a tutor, so that you can be sure they are the right fit for your needs.

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