From GCSE to Level A: 5 ways to prepare

Have you finished your GCSE level exams? 

Do you want to prepare for your A-level? 

If yes, you may face different challenges while moving into a new school term. You will get a new course structure, a different syllabus, interaction with new teachers & students, etc. 

Moreover, you need to practice and develop new skills that will allow you to learn new concepts related to your subject course. In case, if you are planning to improve your scores in a specific subject, you can take A -level tuitions that will assist you to improve your skills.

Similarly, we have mentioned some tips below that will help you to prepare and feel confident when you are going to your next term.

So, let’s check them out!!

Tips To Prepare For A -level After GCSE

1.Learn From Other Students’ Experience 

Firstly, you have to understand how A -level will be different from GCSE. For this, you can watch other students’ videos on Youtube or social media apps from which you get to know about their experiences. There are several videos in which learners share their ideas, talk about new changes, or describe their daily life as A-level students. These clips will help you while moving into the new school term. Through this, you can learn a lot of things such as getting different ideas to overcome study challenges, learning about different courses, books, etc. You can feel stress-free after hearing about past students’ experiences. But you have to remember one thing, every individual goes through different things. Everyone uses distinct methods to learn topics related to any subject. 

For instance, some learners do their study for a couple of hours and some of them study all day. So, you just give your best to learn the subject.

2.Be Organized During Study

It is one of the important things. As a student of A -level, you need to organize your study materials properly. Such as you can use a spiral notebook with multiple sections in which you can write your notes for different subjects. Additionally, you can schedule your timetable, to allot time to a particular subject. Apart from this, you have to check the course syllabus and get the books or notes from your teachers, so that you can start your learning.

Moreover, if you have any doubts related to any topic, you can get help from your teacher. Also, you may take IGCSE tuition from a reputable tutor who can teach you by providing personal attention. This way, you can improve your skills and attain good grades in upcoming exams.

3.Improve Your Reading Skills 

A-level courses come with a lot of reading. You have to create a daily study schedule that will help you to improve your reading skills. For instance, if you want to study English Literature then you can listen to audiobooks that help you to improve your skills.

Moreover, the important way to enhance your skill is to practice. Like, you can read newspapers, articles, magazines, any text, etc. As a result, you can find new vocabulary, acquire a deeper understanding, and enhance your reading ability. In addition, with practice, you can make a connection between the things that you are reading and your own ideas.

4.Use Study Break In A Better Way 

During break time, you can play with your friends, eat healthy snacks, spend time with your family, etc. It helps you to feel stress-free and allows you to stay concentrate on your studies. For example, most students prefer to watch T.V or listen to music that helps them freshen their minds. This way, they feel energized when getting back to study.    

5.Devote Some Time To Self-Care 

Going from GCSE to A level can be both exciting and challenging for you. When you are moving into a new term, it is stressful because you need to deal with a new course or a different syllabus, etc. It is a big change to go up from GCSE to A-level. But remember you need to do a lot of hard work to improve your academic performance.

Besides, at this time you must take care of yourself. For example, eat healthy food, exercise regularly, go for a morning walk to get fresh air, do meditations, and so on. These all will help you to focus on your studies, provide energy, lower stress, reduce anxiety, etc.


Most students feel stressed when they move up from GCSE to A-level term. They think it will be challenging for them to manage new study materials. If you are one of those, you do not need to feel the same. Considering the above tips such as improving reading skills, taking care of yourself, getting organized, etc., can help during A-level preparations.

Moreover, you can hire a reputable tutor who can improve your academic performance, enhance your communication skills, etc. This way, you can get better results on your upcoming exams. 

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