Learn about the benefits of obtaining AWS certification this year

These past few years, the cloud has been incorporated into all aspects of information technology infrastructure. Cloud computing has also matured a great deal and has become a critical component of corporations’ operations. AWS today controls the majority of the market for cloud computing services. AWS is the undisputed champion in the cloud computing market and is certainly the first name that comes to mind when one thinks about cloud computing. The revenue generated by Amazon Web Services exceeds the combined revenues of Microsoft Azure, Google, and IBM.

AWS is a cloud-based platform that provides businesses around the globe with affordable, flexible, and user-friendly cloud computing services. These comprehensive and highly flexible applications deliver a variety of business functions, such as analytical services, storage solutions, content management systems, app services, and mobile applications.

Increasingly, companies are shifting from traditional in-house services to cloud-based solutions, which have helped reduce their cost and improve their efficiency. Therefore, skilled people who are certified in AWS have a wide range of opportunities. In addition, by offering certifications to professionals, AWS allows them to enhance their skills and enable them to increase their marketability.

The benefits of becoming certified in cloud computing with AWS

Possibility of earning a higher income

Numerous surveys have been conducted in the market examining the opportunities for professionals wishing to become AWS architects and developers. It is clear that professionals who receive AWS certification have a very bright future, and there is no limit to their potential. With experience combined with an AWS training certification, these professionals can reach major career milestones.

Cloud computing is the future

According to Boston Consulting Group, India’s cloud computing market is expected to reach $8 billion by 2023. By Gartner’s estimate, India ranked third-best among all countries in terms of growth in revenue from cloud services in 2019. AWS holds a market leadership position in the industry with 33 percent of total spending. Due to its launch in 2006, AWS has the advantage of being the first mover.

Since its launch in 2010, Microsoft Azure has experienced steady growth. Despite this, it only has an 18% share of the total market. As AWS collaborates and partners with Bharti Airtel, it presents fierce competition to competitors in the market. The two companies have established a 10-year partnership that has greatly enhanced the popularity of the AWS course. There is no doubt that AWS has become an integral part of the global economy and can even be viewed as its industry. So, having a certification will set you apart from the rest and open a wide array of opportunities for you.

Appreciation for your efforts and validation of your skills

AWS certification contributes to the recognition of the potential and talents of certified individuals. A key benefit of AWS certification is that certified individuals receive a digital badge. This badge represents the achievement of your certification. These badges can be displayed on your social network profiles and your email signature, in addition to granting you access to specific AWS Certification Lounges and AWS Summit events.

Increase in opportunities

You can demonstrate your expertise and dedication to the industry by obtaining an AWS certification. While it does not trump experience, it does allow you to gain an advantage over your competition. An employer faced with two highly qualified candidates will be able to differentiate between the candidates based on their AWS certifications. Based on a candidate’s certification, a potential employer can determine their level of expertise and competence.

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Employer benefits

Businesses with employees who have AWS certifications can join the AWS Partner Network (APN). Companies have numerous advantages as members of this elite club, including discounts on AWS training and support services. As a result of an APN, the company has a significant competitive advantage over its competitors. Therefore, organizations are better positioned to secure AWS projects. Further, organizations involved in AWS projects daily may gain immense benefits from hiring staff that is certified with AWS.

Increased opportunities for freelancers

Freelancers can greatly benefit from an AWS certification. It will enable them to take on more projects. In addition to the benefits of digital badges, which greatly enhance their credibility with clients, AWS certification cost is also reasonable. A digital badge can be a very effective tool for marketing when used properly. You will have the opportunity to showcase your technical expertise to potential customers, which can earn you some money.

In conclusion

As the need for skilled AWS Certification In Adelaide professionals grows, certification in the AWS environment has become an increasingly critical prerequisite for individuals and enterprises on their journey to cloud computing. In particular, AWS training can help you raise the bar and give you a competitive advantage over other professionals in the field. You will remain relevant as the industry is constantly evolving.

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