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Install The Large Gun Safes At The Appropriate Place In Your House!

large gun safe

Do you own a gun or other weapons kept at your place? Do you wish to add extra protection to your valuables? Maybe it is time for you to invest in a large gun safe to protect them!! Although it can be quite tricky to figure out where to buy and place a large gun safe, in this guide, you will learn it all. 

Besides storing the guns, individuals also prefer to use gun safes to protect cash, financial/personal records, weapons and other valuables. However, to keep it away from children and anyone else’s reach, it is essential to figure out the best place to install it. Various factors like fires, water damage, and burglary should be considered while placing a large gun safe in your living space.

Where should you place the gun safe to protect it from FIRE?

Your home and the valuables inside catching fire is a phenomenon that can occur anytime due to lack of maintenance and care. Thus it is essential to keep the guns or other explosives away from potential fire sources. 

Place to Avoid

This brings us to discussing the places which shall be avoided for gun safe placement. Due to containing inflammable material, the kitchen or the area around the fireplace gets eliminated from the list of places for installing a large gun safe. Furthermore, the room which opens to the kitchen or above the kitchen can also be risky for gun safe placement. Garages are also to be left as there are chances of the presence of flammable chemicals.

Ideal Places

The safest location in the house to protect your weapons inside a gun safe in case of fire is a place with a concrete slab. Furthermore, above a crawl space is also ideal, as the first floor of a multistory house. This is because in the case of fire, it will take quite some time for the fire to grow and reach the upper space, and the help will certainly reach till that point. In addition, as the higher floors are away from the kitchen or garage, they are safer than other parts of the house for placing a large gun safe.  


Where should you place the gun safe to protect from BURGLARY?

In case of burglary, you shall look for the locations where the gun safe is least likely to be stolen by burglars. For this, question yourself about which place will the burglar attempt to invade first? 

Places to Avoid 

The most common target of burglars is the master bedroom or the living room. In addition, other rooms which are easily visible from the front or back entry of the house can also be invaded at the first go by the thieves. A garage can be another place to avoid as anybody can keep an eye on the contents inside in the day. 

Ideal Places

The ideal location to place a gun safe is inside a bedroom closet or the basement. Since it takes time for the burglar to go downstairs or basements, those places are generally ignored by them. If you do not have any other option and considering a garage, ensure to bolt the big gun safe to the floor and build a closet around it.

Invest in premium quality large gun safes for enhanced security!

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