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Important Points About Water Dry Out Insurance Coverage

Water Dry Out

Before you call Water Dry out Services, you should know about your insurance coverage. This insurance coverage only applies to major flooding situations, and you can skip the less serious water damage. During the water damage repair process, make sure to take pictures of the affected areas, both inside and outside, for insurance purposes. In addition to the visible damage, water damage restoration must be done thoroughly, including attic repair. Leaving the attic alone can lead to wet boxes and ceiling cracks.

Air Movers

Whether to use an air mover in the water damage remediation process depends on the severity of the water event, the type of equipment used, and where the water is located. The right air mover for the situation will be adjusted accordingly to improve drying efficiency. Air movers can be an effective tool to remove water, but they are not without their limitations. Here are some of the best reasons to use air movers in the water restoration process.

The initial air movers are placed at the entrance to the affected space and on the starting point of the wall to continue the air flow throughout the room. This ensures that no wall section is missed. The remediator will measure the relative humidity in the affected space and compare it with the surrounding room, to determine if the air flow is sufficient. If not, they will place an additional air mover to compensate. After the initial air movers are placed, a remediator will document the condition of the air movers and their effectiveness.


A dehumidifier is essential for the successful drying of waterlogged areas. While most waterlogged carpet and furniture will have to be replaced, there are some exceptions. Dehumidifiers are better for removing water than fans, which only dry surface-level dampness. These machines should be left running non-stop for a minimum of 24 hours to remove the dampest air. The following tips should be followed after the flood:

Firstly, consider the extent of the water damage. While a leak in a utility closet might only need a single dehumidifier, a water-damaged home will require several. Similarly, dehumidifiers can be extremely helpful for reducing mold and allergy symptoms. These dehumidifiers use an absorbent wheel to pull moisture from the air. Once the wheel has absorbed the water molecules, it will release dry air. This process will continue until the dampness has been reduced to a manageable level.

Extraction Equipment

Professional water dry out services use industry-level tools and equipment to perform water extraction. Since time is of the essence when dealing with water damage, the equipment and tools that a water dry out service uses should be highly effective. The equipment and tools they use should help them map the amount of moisture in the area and prevent mold growth. If these steps are not performed correctly, standing water can damage the foundation of a building and put you and your family at risk.

Moreover, water extraction services use special water extraction vacuums that remove two or three times more water than conventional shop wet-vacs and carpet cleaning equipment. In addition, they prevent the growth of mold by eliminating surface dampness. In addition, lifting and drying the carpet may enhance air circulation. This way, the professionals can reduce mold growth and minimize damage restoration costs. They can also salvage possessions that are destroyed by water.

Monitoring The Drying Process

If your property was exposed to water for a prolonged period, monitoring the drying process is important. The progress of drying is monitored, as it is possible for the property to sustain secondary damage. After completing the initial assessment, your technician will monitor the progress of the drying process to ensure there is no further damage. They will also check the humidity levels and identify any possible contaminants. This information will help them make the best decisions for drying your property.

When monitoring the drying process when using water dry out services, it is important to make sure that the technicians are using specialized equipment to remove any moisture. These instruments measure infrared light, which means they can identify the presence of moisture in various surfaces. In addition, they provide a numerical value for the amount of moisture detected. The results of monitoring the drying process will allow you to know how well your restoration plan is working.

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