How to write an amazing essay in 2 hours: Things you need to know

We know that every student doesn’t like to write an essay because it takes a lot of time and research before starting. Therefore, students prefer to find the best writer who can write my essay in 2 hours that meets the deadline, and student can easily do their other work.

However, it is important to teach every student how to write their assignments and essays in their daily routine. In this article, we have shared some important factors which will be very helpful in writing your essay easily. So without any further ado, let’s have a look;

1.    Make your routine for writing.

First, you should set your routine when you love to work. Many students want to save time and just start writing content without any proper research, which is a big mistake. Because when you constantly stop to find out which you should write next. Therefore, taking 5 minutes for a break is better than scheduling your routine. The example which we mentioned below;

  • Set a timer for 5 minutes.
  • Ten minutes for setup
  • Topic selecting and creating an outline: 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes for research and writing notes
  • 25 min for the first draft
  • 10 minutes for editing
  • 10 minutes for layout and last proofreading

2.    Select the topic for the essay

If you don’t know the topic, students make a common mistake. In most cases, you’ll have time to return and make changes to your paper. However, if you write your essay in 2 hours, then you will comprise the quality. So it will be advised to read it again and again to understand the assignment.

3.    Highlight your thoughts

Making an outline, which will act as the document’s outside edge, can require between five and 10 minutes. You can create something, use it as a guide, and edit it as you go along. When you need to write an essay fast, the outline helps the content flow naturally. An outline will help you avoid excessive repetition of ideas, information, and opinions because you won’t have much time to proofread it numerous times.

4.    Create the Body

Summarize your important concepts in the first paragraph or sections of your essay’s intro, then list your points in the structure of a sentence to support them.

Before publishing your essay, it might be beneficial to leave three or four lines between every point to allow for further explanation. To help connect different thoughts together, fill up these gaps with relevant info.


As we all know, most students face difficulties writing essays. So it is suggested to try to make a time limit of about a 120-minute deadline, so every student experiences the burden. However, the tension of a two-hour limit for writing will cause many pupils to give up, and many learn to write quality content in just 2 hours. Our goal is to help you create a strong essay by providing a timeline and some helpful advice.

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