How To Promote Healthy Habits in Your Family This Fall

How To Promote Healthy Habits in Your Family This Fall

Keeping the same good habits you had over the summer can be challenging. To maintain the healthy routines you spent so much time setting in the warmer months, work with your family to figure out the essential parts, like riding the best city bikes all season long or hiking. Decide which practices your family thinks are the most critical and work on those healthy habits together all fall long. 

What To Put in Your Fridge This Fall

As your schedules fill up and get busier, making time for fresh food and healthy snacks is hard work. Take time out one day a week to prepare smart snacks for the rest of the week. It is easier to reach for a healthy snack than chips or ice cream when already prepared. Another way you can fill your fridge with better food choices is to meal plan before going to the grocery. Remember, even if you meal plan and have a tight list in hand, never ever go to the grocery while hungry; mistakes will be made on an empty stomach. 

How To Keep Your Kids Healthy

The best way to keep your kids healthy is to give them plenty of choices and opportunities to make the right decision on their own. Providing them with nutritional pre-planned snacks, drinks, and quick meal choices rather than options for chips, cookies, and popsicles leaves little room for error. Another way to help your kids stay healthy is to emphasize how important sleep is for building strong bodies and even stronger minds. Their circadian rhythm shifts dramatically between age groups; be sure that your kids are getting enough sleep and during the correct times for best results. 

What To Put in Your Pack This Fall 

If you’re heading out to the park, kid friendly bike trails near me, or down to the waterfront, be sure to load up your pack with healthy snacks and plenty of water. Depending on your style preference, you can carry a backpack, a fanny pack, a crossbody, or a messenger bag to take on your activity. No matter the vessel, make sure you also have sunscreen to protect your family from harmful UV rays. Snacks like nuts and dried fruit provide a lot of energy but don’t have the intense sugar crash as many other sweet snacks, like some granola bars marketed to kids. 

How To Keep Your Kids Active 

The best way to keep your kids active is to be active with them. Showing your children that being active is a crucial part of your life will make it an essential part of theirs. If you grew up being active, exercising on comfort bikes for men and women, making good food choices, and drinking plenty of water, there is no learning curve to start doing so later in life. Ask around; many people who still struggle to make good choices wish they had been exposed to a healthy lifestyle much earlier. 

Do yourself and your family a favor this fall. Promote healthy habits all season long by eating good food, getting plenty of sleep, and staying active together.

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