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How to do Online Nikah in Pakistan?

How to do Online Nikah in Pakistan:

If you wish to know how to do online nikah in Pakistan by lawyers Pakistan, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. Here you need to know the process and Procedure of Online Nikah in Pakistan. A woman is not able to be a trader in the public market without the permission of her husband. It’s not necessary for a wife to get the consent of her husband to create an estate plan.

Marriage Duties:

The spouse and husband are bound together to provide food, help, and teach their children. Children are bound to help their parents and their other parents who are poor.

The dissolution Marriage:

A marriage is dissolving: an. By the death of one of the parties is b. By a divorce made in accordance with the law on how to do online nikah in Pakistan by lawyers Pakistan.

Second Marriages:

A woman is not legally married again after ten months have passed after the end of her prior marriage. DIVORCE Causes for Divorce.– 1. The spouse who is married is entitled to divorce due to the adultery committed by the other. 2. A couple is entitled to divorce due to the serious or violent insults of the other. For how to do online nikah in Pakistan by lawyers Pakistan, This is not limited to extreme cruelty that puts lives at risk and the lives of others, but also all kinds of lesser serious offenses. Any act, word, or words in that one party reflects on the honor and respectability of the other can be grounds for divorce. The reality in which one party is condemned to death, prison, or penal servitude, banishment, transportation, or the loss of civil rights and has been branded as a villain can entitle another party to divorce.

Lawyers of Pakistan:

The article on how to do online nikah in Pakistan by lawyers Pakistan in the Civil Code, which provided for divorce with mutual consent due to the incompatibility of tempers and incompatibility of temper, was deleted. Divorce Procedure.–A person who would like to initiate a process for divorce must submit the petition personally to either the President of the court or the judge who acts in the capacity of. If it is apparent that petitioners are not able to be present in person, the Presidency of the Court or the judge who is acting in that capacity must travel with his registrar to address the residence where the petitioner lives for how to do online nikah in Pakistan by lawyers Pakistan.


 The judge, after seeing and listening to the petitioner after making such remarks that he deems appropriate the judge will then affix his decision to the conclusion of the petition and will direct that the petitioners appear in front of him at a particular day and at the time determined, and will instruct an officer to issue the citation to the defendant. It is in the discretion of the judge to allow permission in the same order to the petitioner in order to stay apart during the time of the case in relation to the defendant. If the petitioner is married or husband, the judge is able to determine the place where she will be able to live for the duration of her home.

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