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How to design a home online without any design knowledge?

A home is a place where everyone likes to feel the vibe of being cared for. It is a place where you take rest, where you spend your time with family, where we do celebrate our occasions. So, this place needs extra care when making a design.

The traditional way of designing a home is to hire an architectural firm who will do the exterior and interior design, then a structural design firm or structural engineer will design the structural parts and finally, a contractor will build it for you. But this process is diminishing its popularity for many reasons:

  1. This process is costly. Every specialized service provider will charge separately and as a result the cost will be multiplied several folds
  2. Designing a home with a consultancy firm requires a lot of time. This is because, to reach a final result, the consultancy firm needs to sit with the client to discuss the facilities and amaenities. Asa result to meet uo the clients demand, many things needs to be changed and design revisions are necessary, which costs a good amount of time.

So, how to design a home without spending too much money and time?

The way is simple, you have to design your home. For sure, you can not do structural design as it requires specialized knowledge. But for general design like designing the exterior and interior, you can use up your time.

To design home by yourself, there are several tools. Most of them are not user-friendly. As a result, unskilled people do not use them.

Nowadays, free home design online software is getting popular. The name of the software is Roomtodo.  Roomtodo is getting popular because of its features and many other reasons-

  1. Roomtodo is a free software. This means you can cutoff paying for other softwares. As a result overall spend for the projects would be much more lower than what you expect to pay.
  2. Roomtodo is a online software. This means you can design the home using your laptop, desktop, tablet or even with the smartphone although use of a computer is suggested. Moreover, as it is a online software you need not to install any heavy software. You can create stunning software just using your browser. Roomtodo runs on popular browsers including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
  3. Thinking how much time would you require to learn roomtodo? Rest assured, if you know how to use your browser, you can operate roomtodo. Just use your mouse to drag and drop the feautures you want to add to your design and then make it perfect by editing the dimensions and other features. For example, if you want to add a wall, you can just select the wall and put it on the location you want to have it. Then to cut an window or door, use the wall cut off option and cut as you want.
  4. Building a room is very easy. You can build a room using the create wall option or using the create a room option. Create a room is  more convenient option in my opinion.
  5. Transforming from a 2D to a 3D design is very convenient in roomtodo. Converting a 2D to 3D takes only one click. After creating the 2D layout design just click on the on ‘3D’ option on the left and 3D design is ready.
  6. There are several types of coverings in roomtodo. For example, for wall you can paintthe wall with whatever color you want. For the floors you can put tiles, mosaic, wood or any kind of flooring as you mind wants. There is option to put extra coverings like floor mat, rug etc.
  7. To decorate your home or room you have the ‘Decor’ option. Uing the decor option you can put a painting on the wall, place a plant on the corner or even can decorate a christmas tree on christmas occasion. Want to put anything else on the wall? You have the option to import your own paintings.
  8. The pre-made components library is rich in roomtodo. Libraries are well arranged so that you can find it easily. For example, you can find the kitchen appliances on the kitchen design option, you can find the decor items in the decor menu, you can find the electrical appliances on the electrical options menu. There are many others libraries that needs not be mentioned.
  9. The camera setting is an option that allows you to check your design from diffeent viewpoint. You can put the camera in different point and check how it looks in different perspective. Moreover, you can place you home in the vicinity and check how your design performing with the outside world.
  10.  Is it still difficult to design your first home or layout of home? Roomtodo has the option to make it more easy. To use that option, you can hand skecth the home you want, take an image of the picture, import it on roomtodo and start working just above the handsketch to make a stunning 3D CAD design of your home.
  11. One of the best thing of roomtodo is the customer service. If you purchase a monthly plan which is very cheap compared to its competitors, you will have the access the customer service. The customer service will help you to make your design more meaningful and error free. If you need any additional service, they will provide it or they will provide the information on how to do that specific tasks using roomtodo.

Designing a home was not a DIY task. But with the help of roomtodo, home designing tasks evolved to be a DIY work and as a result, more people are designing the home of their dream. So, why not you?

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