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How To Choose A Reputable Air Duct Cleaning Company?

Air Duct Cleaning Company

You may have heard that you should only hire a reputable air duct cleaning company. But you might not be sure about that. What are the important things you should keep in mind when hiring a company? Let us talk about the importance of track record, liability insurance, and experience. These are just some of the important factors you should take into consideration when hiring a company to clean your air ducts. Also, here are some other things you should consider:


The first thing to ask when hiring an air duct cleaning service is how long the company has been in business. The older a company has been, the more likely it is that it has been doing air duct cleaning for many years. An experienced air duct cleaning company will know where to focus its attention for best results. You also want to ask about any problem spots. After all, you don’t want a dirty duct to return to haunt you later.

Another important question to ask is how long the process will take. It may be necessary for you to leave your home for several days while the company cleans your air ducts. Make sure to find out how long it will take before they arrive. If they need to clean over several days, be sure to ask if they can do this in one day, or if it will be spread out over several days. Once the air ducts are clean, you can begin enjoying the benefits of a healthier environment.

Liability Insurance

An air duct cleaning business requires liability insurance to protect itself against third-party claims involving accidental bodily injury or property damage. The premiums for liability insurance vary by company size and location. However, most business owners should have this coverage. A typical policy costs between $500 and $1,500 per year for one million dollars of coverage. The policy premium also depends on the size of the business, whether it is an LLC or sole proprietorship, and its history.

In order to get liability insurance for air duct cleaning, a reputable air duct cleaning company must be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency or NADCA. In addition, the insurance policy should cover unexpected costs resulting from an accident, damage to property, or a lawsuit. The duct cleaning company should also have liability insurance in place, including WSIB and other insurance policies. Liability insurance is essential for a business that performs dangerous work in homes and businesses.

Track Record

When choosing an air duct cleaning company, check their track record to see how long they have been in business and what they have to offer. Long-standing companies are likely to be experienced and highly skilled in their field. A company’s certifications from the Better Business Bureau and NADCA will give you an indication of their reliability. You can also read customer reviews to determine whether the company has a positive reputation. Likewise, check if the air duct cleaning company is insured.

A new company may be eager to sell you their service, but their track record will tell you that they are still working on their strategies. A company that has been in business for a number of years will have a proven track record and firm procedures. Check the company’s website to see how long it has been around. A company that has been in business for a long time will be able to demonstrate their track record and should be proud of it. Don’t trust a company with a vague website.

Other Factors To Consider

Often, homeowners do not know what level of duct cleaning their home needs. A reputable air duct cleaning company will ask questions about the property to assess the level of cleaning required. The answers to these questions will help the company determine the level of service that will best meet your needs. A company that offers a quote on the spot may be a scam. The company should be able to provide a free inspection and quote for the entire project.

The on indoor air quality that provide guidance for identifying problems and ways to fix them. Although dust is harmless, it can cause problems when mixed with microorganisms. These microorganisms can circulate through the ducts and irritate the respiratory system. Some mold spores may also grow inside of the ducts. Cleaning these areas can help you breathe more deeply and more comfortably.

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