How Can Teachers Establish The Perfect Work-Life Balance?

When most people think of work-life balance, they think of having enough time to enjoy their family and friends, enough time to sleep, and enough time to relax. While those things are important for everyone, teachers have a unique set of needs when it comes to work-life balance. Teachers have long hours, much travel, and little time for themselves and their families. They also have a tremendous amount of responsibility and stress, which often leaves little time for themselves or their families. Many teachers say that the job is hard enough without having to also balance a busy personal life. Yet, for many teachers, the job comes with little time for themselves. The demands of the job leave little time for rest, family, or fun. It can feel like a never-ending cycle of school, work, and more school.

It’s no secret that being a teacher is a demanding job. Whether it’s the hours spent in the classroom, the hours spent planning and preparing, the piles of paperwork, or the constant demands of parents, teachers are always on call. Despite this, teachers are also expected to be professional and presentable at all times, and to make themselves available to students, parents, and administrators at any time. This can cause the work-life balance to be a major issue for teachers.

The work life balance of teachers is a topic that comes up a lot in the education world, and for good reason. Studies have shown that when teachers have a healthy work-life balance, it improves their performance in the classroom and their satisfaction with their job. It also increases their productivity, which in turn improves the education of the students they’re teaching.

When it comes to establishing the perfect work-life balance, there are a few things that teachers should keep in mind. First, teachers should determine the type of work-life balance that works best for them. Some find a balance between their teaching and personal lives where they can spend time with their families and still have time to themselves. Thus, below are some of the ways that teachers can find a healthy work-life balance.

  • Respect Your Time– Teachers have a responsibility to support children in their learning and help them to understand that they need to spend more time on schoolwork that matters. They also need to earn their keep. When teachers take on additional responsibilities outside the classroom, they need to be sure they can meet all those obligations without sacrificing the quality of their classroom instruction. Teachers can find a balance by taking time to pause, reflect, and plan. They should take at least five minutes to do so at least once a day. Teachers should also respect their own time. This means being flexible in planning and scheduling and being willing to cut out extraneous activities when it comes to schoolwork. 


  • Recognise That You’re Having an Impact– Being a role model takes time. While it’s true that being role models takes a lot of time, teachers also have a responsibility to demonstrate what they know. Sometimes their students will see them in a positive light, but it can also be difficult to get their students to see you in a good light. One way teachers can do this is to be an example to their students. Teachers should be able to recognise the impact they are having on their students when they use their professional expertise to help students learn. Teachers should also recognise that they play an important role in preparing students for college and life.


  • Shut Off the Electronics– Shut off the electronics when you are not using them, or when you are in a situation where the electronics are not needed. This includes smartphones, tablets, e-readers, televisions, cameras, video cameras, computers, laptops, and tablets.  You should also shut them off when leaving the room and returning so that they don’t interfere with any lessons your students are currently working on. If you are in doubt, shut them off to be on the safe side. 


  • Make Friends– Your job satisfaction and engagement are increased by close interactions at work. Recognise that you are not the only person who experiences stress at work. Your health can be greatly improved by conversing with co-workers who you can laugh with, complain, or ask for assistance. According to a study, having close relationships at work increases employee happiness by 50%, while having a best friend at work increases work engagement by 7 times. Don’t be shy if you don’t have a co-worker buddy. Ask another teacher if you two share any interests in talking.


  • Know When to Say No– The most important thing a teacher can do for themselves when it comes to finding a work-life balance is to know when to say no. You need to make sure that their already busy schedules don’t become overwhelmed by taking on additional responsibilities. You should recognise when you have reached your limit and need to say no. Teachers should also make sure that they are setting boundaries with parents and other educators so that they have time for themselves.


  • Take a Break for Yourself– The more time you spend outside of the classroom, the more productive you will be. We’re not referring to munching your turkey sandwich at your desk in between lessons, however. The word “break” is the key component in the phrase “lunch break.” You can be more creative if you take a short break from the classroom, even if it’s only for a few minutes. It has been demonstrated that walking around the block increases productivity and walking outside in nature is even better. The best method to unwind your mind and revive your senses is to spend time in nature, so visit the closest park if you can.

Teachers have a responsibility to be healthy, which means they need to find a balance between their work and their personal lives. But often due to overworking and teaching a lot of students, teachers are not able to find the perfect balance for their life. Thus to become a successful teacher and to be able to live a balanced and happy life teachers can take various online teacher training courses and gain better knowledge about their work-life balance and become a better educator in life. 

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