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Exterior Lights – A Guide To Styles, Placement, And Energy Efficiency

Exterior Lights

Before you purchase exterior lights for your home, make sure to read our guide to the different styles, placement, and energy efficiency of exterior lighting. We’ll also go over the various awards you can enter to win great prizes! Exterior lighting is an important component of a home’s security and beauty. Learn more about different styles and energy-efficiency features to make your home more attractive! Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a seasoned pro, these exterior lights will help you make the right choice.

Lighting Options

Exterior lights can help you extend the activities you enjoy indoors to the outside of your home. They can add ambiance and draw attention to architectural features, while enhancing the aesthetics of your landscaping. You can also use them for safety or security purposes, or even for a variety of other purposes, such as outdoor parties. Before you buy exterior lights, it’s important to know what types of fixtures you need and what functions they should serve.

If you’re interested in adding some accent lighting to your home, you can choose post lights. These are generally larger and more visible than landscape lights, but they add a classic look to your home’s exterior. Post lights are especially useful if your home has a long driveway, or an outdoor entertaining area that extends out into the landscape. They also provide a warm, welcoming ambiance. You can choose between a dimmer or timer for your post lights, which can help you adjust the brightness of the lights as you wish.


To match your home’s style, consider the different styles of exterior lights. If you have a traditional Cape style home, consider installing classic onion lights. Craftsman style fixtures are typically more simple and square. Bungalow-style lighting goes best with Craftsman style fixtures, while barn-style lights are ideal for a country or farmhouse look, especially if they are installed above a garage door. The right lighting will complete your home’s exterior while remaining functional and appealing.

One of the most traditional forms of exterior lighting is the lamp post. Modern outdoor post-light fixtures come in many different styles, ranging from the classic lamp-post design to angular or solar designs. They are great for illuminating expansive areas because they give off light from all sides. You can even buy one with solar panels to save money on energy bills. Post-lights have the advantage of emitting light all around your property, making them useful if you have an expansive yard or patio.


When it comes to choosing the best placement of exterior lights, you can do many things to make your property look better. While the placement of an outdoor step light is not ideal, other exterior lights can be placed close to the ground or on the roof of a building. The main types of exterior lights are flood, outdoor led, outdoor ceiling, coastal, and dark sky lighting. While these types of lights have many uses, their placement and wattage will affect the brightness of the light.

Before selecting the type of exterior lighting fixtures for your house, you’ll want to measure the height of the front door. If your door is taller than the exterior light fixtures, it will be more noticeable. Make sure to select the appropriate size for your door and for the rest of the home. Undersized fixtures will be less noticeable, while an oversize light will look out of place and overpowering. Place larger fixtures by the front door, and smaller ones by the garage door.

Energy Efficiency

The primary means of saving energy in exterior-lighting systems is to turn off loads when they’re not needed. This approach might not address the needs of the majority of the population, however. People need exterior illumination for various reasons, including increased security and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, many exterior-lighting systems are powered by carbon-dense fossil fuels. These sources contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, poor air quality, and water pollution. Additionally, low-quality lighting is associated with increased crime and decreased physical activity. Additionally, antiquated electrical infrastructure and aging luminaires may be contributing to inefficient lighting.

Modern LED security and parking-area lighting is 50% more energy-efficient than traditional parking-area lighting. LEDs also have directional capabilities, which cover walkways more effectively and reduce dark spots. Also, occupancy sensors and photosensors can improve the efficiency and security of exterior lighting. These security and safety features are particularly valuable for businesses. Additionally, energy-efficient security lights can increase public safety and improve the appearance of a building. Regardless of the benefits, there are a number of ways to save money on exterior lights.


If you own a home, it’s important to consider the safety of exterior lights. Outdoor lights, unlike indoor ones, are exposed to the elements day and night. Water can track into every nook and cranny of outdoor lighting fixtures, so it’s important to purchase high quality exterior light fittings. You should also consider the lighting fixture’s height and depth ratings, as these will determine how long it will remain effective. After all, you don’t want to risk breaking a light fixture – if it falls in the rain, the glass will shatter.

There are two primary reasons to install exterior lights: safety and security. Lighting a parking lot can help prevent accidents, such as falling or tripping. Alternatively, exterior lights can prevent criminal activity by illuminating specific areas. For example, if you own a home in the suburbs, you should invest in outdoor lights that illuminate your front and back yards. For these purposes, you can opt for zone lighting, which allows you to focus your lights in specific zones. This option can make the outside of your home safer for all residents.

Solar Powered Lights

The appeal of solar powered exterior lights lies in their convenience and ease of installation. You do not have to worry about wires or complicated installation, and you can install them in minutes. Choosing the right type of solar light is crucial, as the bulbs used in most of them are the same. Consider your needs when choosing solar lights and take a look at a variety of products before making a decision. Below are a few tips to help you choose the right type of solar light for your home.

Solar lights provide excellent illumination for your property during the night. Proper lighting is essential to preventing accidents from occurring. Additionally, solar lights can be combined with motion sensors to turn on automatically in case of motion. Having well-lit exteriors also deters burglars and vandals. Additionally, as solar lights are powered by the sun, they do not rely on the power grid and continue to function even during power outages. Therefore, it is an excellent option for securing your home in the event of an emergency.

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