ED and PE: What are the Causes and How to Prevent It

Premature ejaculation can be described as one of the most frequent sexual disorders for men. It is caused by a myriad of mental and physical health issues. But, it’s not a reason to be ashamed or unhappy, it since it is treatable and treated by making important lifestyle changes and implementing some of the most effective methods.

In this article we’ll look at the causes of premature ejaculation, as well as the solutions that can help, so you can breathe an exhale of relief.

The most frequent cause of ejaculation is premature

Whatever the reason is, the low levels of serotonin within the blood can cause men to develop quicker. The triggers for emotional stress could be anxiety, stress depression, relationship problems, or sometimes, even anxiety about performance in certain instances. In addition, if a person is already suffering from erectile dysfunction, he could exhibit a tendency to ejaculate more frequently, due to anxiety of losing his erection.

The psychological causes of PE are the effects of negative sexual experiences during childhood, anxiety about being rejected by a sexual partner, and anxiety about performance which makes some men ineligible to remain in bed longer.

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Try out your sexual positions

According to studies, certain sexual positions slow down ejaculation by stopping deep thrusts because of lesser stimulation. It is possible to research reliable sources, such as Promescent gives you a great insight into some of the most amazing sexual positions to avoid premature ejaculation. 

Since these positions are difficult to master the focus should be on holding the position for longer, thereby preventing the ejaculation process.

Playing around with various positions while in bed will help you to prioritize your partner’s enjoyment and decrease monotony. Certain positions such as the cowgirl or spooning reduce the ability of your partner to push with full force and can increase the duration of ejaculation to an enormous degree. In the short term, letting go of control and giving your partner the initiative can help to eliminate any issues with PE in a timely manner.

Practice kegel exercises

The exercises aim to strengthen pelvic floor muscles that are responsible for ejaculation. All you need to do is identify the correct muscles to contract them, hold them for 10 seconds, and then let them relax. Repeat this process several times and practice the entire routine regularly to improve the stamina of your sexual partner.

Change your dietary habits

The minerals magnesium and zinc have been thought to have positive effects on sexual health. It is possible to add foods that contain the same nutrients to your diet, such as spinach as well as yogurt, kidney beans chickpeas, oysters, and chickpeas. Beef, pumpkin seeds, lamb, and more, to improve the stamina of your sexual partner at night.

Learn the “squeeze” technique

This is yet another efficient method of preventing early ejaculation. When you are having sex, squeezing the space between the glans as well as the shaft of the penis can end the ejaculation in mid-air and will allow you to spend long hours in the bed.

While research suggests squeezing the penis for a half minute or so, however, the amount of time you squeeze depends on the particular requirements of your body.

The act of muttering prior to having sexual relations

Another way to avoid problems with premature ejaculation making your experience less enjoyable is to perform masturbation before having sex. Many have experienced this method, and you could test it out to see whether it is effective for you.

Do the chemical sprays and medications help in treating PE?

Although you don’t have to take pills unless the issue is out of your control, however, you could try delay sprays as well as other products like Cenforce 150 that are available to assist you in getting rid of the ED issue. These products help reduce the sensations that occur in the most sensitive parts of the penis and to prevent premature ejaculation.

Also called climax-control sprays these sprays have proved beneficial in allowing people to be intimate for all the time they’d like.

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Meditation and yoga are a must.

If your issues with PE are a result of anxiety or depression it is recommended to practice meditation and stick to a routine workout regimen to remain active. Nowadays, most workers work in their offices for extended hours, which is why it’s so crucial to break between breaks, move and stretch their muscles in order to keep their activity at a high level.

Wrapping it up

Discuss with your partner your PE problems and seek her help in tackling the issue. Keep in mind that there’s nothing to be ashamed of because it could be due to numerous reasons, which you might not be at fault.

Do what you can to keep active, cut down on drinking, and eat a balanced diet, and you’ll see improvements in your mental as well as physical, health, and this, in turn, will help reduce the PE-related problems eventually.

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