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6 Benefits Of CBD Tinctures For Dogs

CBD products have grown in popularity and use over the past few years. While some of the most common CBD products are consumed by humans, manufacturers have also produced highly beneficial CBD products for your pets. Owing to the variety of information available online regarding CBD use for pets, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions. Hence, it might be best to hold off on giving CBD to your pet until you are done with the article below. 

Here are six benefits you will get from giving your dog CBD tinctures. 

1. Anxiety Issues 

Many dogs experience anxiety for various reasons. Something as basic as a new environment or being surrounded by new people could make a dog nervous and anxious. In such instances, you can try CBD to treat your pets and keep them calm. As in humans, CBD also treats anxiety in dogs by activating the endocannabinoid system. The system is responsible for stimulating the serotonin hormone, which helps relieve stress. 

CBD products are available in various forms, including pet CBD tinctures. Consuming them can benefit your pet in the long term by keeping them calm and ensuring they have a stabilized mood.   Salary Certificate in UAE is a plus point for you 

2. Joint Pain and Arthritis 

Have you ever seen your dog writhing in pain or limping? This is a common occurrence with dogs that have joint pain or arthritis. Joint pain is quite common among many dogs. Research indicates that at least 20% of all dogs suffer from chronic pain, especially as they grow older. Pain makes dogs quite uncomfortable and unhappy. A dog that was ordinarily very chipper and active could turn very sad due to the pain. 

CBD tinctures can benefit your dog if they suffer from joint pain and anxiety. Giving your dog a few drops of CBD from a tincture, either orally or infused in a drink, could help restore your dog’s health to the status it was and keep the dog’s joints healthy. Your dog will thank you for it. 

3. Appetite Problems 

Dogs experiencing loss of appetite usually struggle to finish their meals. They may eat only a little food and leave the rest. In severe instances, dogs with loss of appetite avoid food in its entirety. Loss of appetite could indicate an underlying issue apart from the loss of appetite itself. However, if you want to help relieve the loss of appetite as you try and get alternative care for your dog, CBD tinctures will be highly beneficial. 

You can try serving your dog a few drops of CBD daily and monitoring their reaction. Alternatively, reach out to a vet who can assess your dog and note which dosage will best serve the dog’s health. 

4. Epilepsy in Dogs 

Epileptic seizures in dogs are a very frightening experience. One of the main types of seizures in dogs is the idiopathic epileptic seizure, which passes genetically from a dog to its offspring. Thus, certain dog breeds are likely to get idiopathic seizures. Examples are Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German shepherds, and Border Collies. In other instances, trauma to the head, either during play or an accident, could also cause seizures. 

CBD for pets can help treat instances of epileptic seizures. The CBD will work on the dog’s endocannabinoid system to reduce the manifestations of seizures.  

5. Skin Conditions 

Dogs suffering from skin conditions that cause them to itch could benefit from consuming CBD. Some common skin conditions in dogs include rashes, allergies, or dry skin. In other instances, itching could arise from the dog’s skin inflammation. CBD helps to alleviate the symptoms and causes of skin conditions by soothing the skin and reducing inflammation. 

CBD for dogs with skin problems can be highly beneficial as it helps avoid compounding infections from excessive scratching on the dog’s skin. It also reduces any discomfort the dog may face and keeps them happy. If you notice that your pet continually scratches themselves, try out some CBD tinctures. 

6. Sleep 

Everyone deserves a good rest after a long day. However, if your pet is having challenges falling asleep, a little CBD oil could help them relax. A restful dog will likely improve its quality of life and grow healthy and strong. Thus, trying out a little CBD will be helpful for your dog in the long run. 

How To Serve the CBD 

Now that you have understood the importance of serving your dog some CBD, you are probably wondering how to feed them. You can use two main options depending on your pet’s preference. Firstly, you can give them CBD directly into their mouth. Simply part the dog’s mouth and pour a few drops from the tincture. 

However, some pets do not take a liking to the herbal taste of CBD. You can mix CBD with some of their food or water for such pets and have them consume it indirectly. Both methods yield similar results. 

Final Words 

Hopefully, this article has helped to clarify a few of your concerns regarding serving your pet CBD. However, if you have any extra problems, visiting your vet will ultimately help you decide on what dosage to use and whether CBD suits the specific condition you want to treat.  

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