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Best tiles for outdoor kitchens: Porcelain and ceramic tiles

Outdoor kitchens are trending because it’s close to nature. Be it enjoying a family gathering or a friend’s get-together; outdoor kitchen spaces are the best way to have a wholesome time with your loved ones. However, an outdoor kitchen requires pre-planning. Moreover, it is essential to consider the design, space, and material you will use in your outdoor space. In that case, porcelain and ceramic tiles are the top choices for outdoor kitchens and patios. 

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles have many benefits and a range of outdoor tiles to choose from. In addition to the flooring, these two tiles can take your kitchen to another level of perfection. But, you have to apply the suitable material at the right place. 

Enduring weather fluctuations and water resistance are the main aspects of targeting outdoor kitchens. That is what makes these two tile materials perfect and stunning to use. In particular, porcelain can withstand snowy and thawy weather for long. If you plan to have an outdoor kitchen, let’s see where you can use these two tiles:

  1. First, outdoor flooring
  2. Perfect for outdoor kitchen counters
  3. For kitchen island or outdoor bars
  4. Use them as swim surround tiles
  5. Flame resistant for outdoor stoves/cooking
  6. An excellent choice for fireplace surrounds
  7. Tile up your pavers
Pros & Cons of Ceramic Kitchen Tile
  1. First, outdoor flooring:

Choosing the best flooring goes a long way for your indoors and outdoors. So, first thing first, pick the kind of floor type that is both resistant and visually pleasing. Moreover, the design you choose will significantly impact your home’s value and first impression. So, always choose excellent outdoor floorings such as porcelain and ceramic tiles. 

  1. Perfect for outdoor kitchen counters:

Whether indoors or outdoors, a kitchen is incomplete without a sturdy and beautiful countertop. In this case, porcelain and ceramic tiles can serve you perfectly as tiled countertops. They are stunning, practical, and lasting in any weather condition. In addition, ceramic large-sized slabs serve as the best worktop for outdoor kitchens. You can easily count on these two natural stones for longevity and elegance.  

  1. For kitchen island or outdoor bars:

Suppose outdoor kitchens are for cocktail parties, BBQs, and family gatherings. In that case, Kitchen Island is the best idea to throw those parties. You can create an outdoor bar with ceramic or porcelain tiles. Moreover, you may extend the countertop to create an entire serving island or outdoor bar. Not only is it gorgeous, but it also has easy upkeep and bacteria-resistant properties. 

  1. Use them as swim surround tiles:

Well, if you own a luxurious outdoor space, you might as well have a swimming pool. Just take it as an opportunity and combine the look of your outdoor kitchen with a twist of the swim side. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are suitable materials for swim surrounds. Furthermore, these tiles will not fade due to water splashes or direct sunlight. You can even contrast your outdoor kitchen counter with swim rings.  

  1. Flame resistant for outdoor stoves/cooking:

Honestly, outdoor kitchens are not only for serving or throwing parties. It is also applicable for cooking and baking ovens. In this case, porcelain and ceramic tiles are equally flame-resistant for stoves and ovens. So, if you ever feel bored inside, cook and feel fresh in your outdoor cooking space. Moreover, choose light-colored tiles for the counter area if your outdoor tiles are dark. 

  1. An excellent choice for fireplace surrounds:

As you know, these tiles are ideal for stoves and ovens, and they are equally perfect for fire surrounds as well. Go for slab-style in ceramic tiles or gauge pattern in porcelain tiles. Either two of these styles will look stunning around your fireplace. Or create a unique fire pit in your outdoor deck.  

  1. Tile up your pavers:

If you are looking for the perfect tiles for pavers in your outdoor space, both porcelain and ceramic are the best choices. You can go with any style and stone look in these pathway tiles. Likewise, you may use the remnants from your outdoor kitchen tiles as your pavers. But, more giant porcelain slabs and the thicker ones are best for this purpose. 


Let’s wrap it up! No doubt, porcelain, and ceramic stone tiles are the best options for outdoor applications. This article simplifies the area of its use. So, use these tiles for your outdoor kitchen counter, island/bar, swim surrounds, fireplace surrounds, and much more. Also, these tiles are ideal for patios and decks. Design a perfect outdoor kitchen with porcelain and ceramic tiles without stressing fluctuations and durability. For the best and most affordable tiles, go to Nesttile and pick the one that suits your home décor.

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