Are you looking for volunteer work in Dubai?

If you find luxury villas for sale in Dubai, you should buy one of them immediately, because there is hardly anything that this city cannot offer. Furthermore, living in the kind of international community that Dubai offers helps the residents to get new skills and pass them to the people who need them. Similarly, when it comes to volunteer opportunities, Dubai is a city fraught with platforms and opportunities.

The thing about volunteering is that it requires much more than time and money, you need to show compassion and you are also required to be smart enough to allocate the areas that can benefit from your services. If you are curious to find out how your inner philanthropist can benefit the community in the most effective ways possible, this blog is for you!

  1. Work for special needs children

There is Al Noor Training Centre in Dubai that is built for children that have special needs. The great thing about this institution is that it offers multiple volunteer programs for people who want to dedicate their work and energy to bring change to the lives of people with special needs.

This institute not just offers placement but also the proper orientation. Volunteer placement is primarily done by the consensus of the volunteer and the expertise they poses. Apart from directly dealing with special children, a volunteer is also required for different fundraising activities and events. It is also the job of the volunteer to encourage big corporation to sponsor the events.

Another great organization for special kids is Dubai Autism Centre (DAC). This organization needs volunteers to assist the therapists and help the teachers with children autism.  Volunteers are also needed for fundraising and awareness campaigns. You can be easily enrolled as a volunteer here. However, if you cannot manage to give at least two hours per session, your request might be rejected. At DAC, you are not allowed to directly deal with special children, but if you have prior experience you are more than encouraged to interact with them.

  1. Help the less fortunate

It is a known fact that Dubai is a city of wealth, as a matter of fact, because of Dubai the United Arab Emirates is considered to be the second top largest economy in the world. This robust economy has opened numerous luxury hotels in Dubai and a number of shopping outlets as well.

Unfortunately, even with the economy as flourishing as Dubai’s, many people in the city are struggling every day for survival. For instance, many labourers in Dubai arrive just because they have debts to pay. Some people are also supposed to pay their recruiters for the cost of their employment visa.

There are also some workers with compensated medical conditions, therefore it is necessary for them to get their essential treatment and pay for their regular medication. Furthermore, other unfortunate people are the victims of crimes and domestic violence.

Luckily, Dubai has many non-profit organisations that aim to provide better mentorship and opportunities to blue-collar workers. By enrolling yourself in such organisations you can help countless people to break their ruthless cycle of poverty.

  1.  Assist the children and women

Sadly, the world does not work in the principles of equality. Therefore, when it comes to women and children, a city as great as Dubai is more than cruel. To offer safe housing to women and children, there are great organisations like Dubai Foundation for Women and Children that work day and night. You can get yourself enrolled by filling the online volunteer form. If you can afford to invest your time, you can still contribute by offering donations.

There is also Ewa’a Women’s Shelter, which works to help the victims of human trafficking.  The poor women in these shelters are usually the victims of oppression, domestic violence and even human slavery.

Besides, taking care of their medical care, organizations like Eva also provide entertainment and training programmes to help the victims recover from post-traumatic stress.  By enrolling yourself to take care of these women you would be doing incredible work and contributing greatly to society’s wellbeing.

Since Dubai is the city for both fortunate and unfortunates, living here on a permanent basis would work splendidly for you. So, come here and get villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah.

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