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NanoSTIX Brand

Malaysia’s first supplier of vapour technology is NanoSTIX. It was established in January 2017 and had Malaysia as its main location. Technology labs and facilities are located in Brooklyn, USA, while our brand headquarters is in Manchester, UK. We are close to reaching our objectives of assisting smokers in leading better lifestyles with NanoSTIX

In order to develop a Tobacco Replacement Device that will assist smokers in giving up cigarettes, this brand of vape pod is a favourable choice. Additionally, it is supported by Fantasy Lab Venture, the top or leading vapour product brand in the UK, Europe, and the USA, and it is expanding quickly in Malaysia.

What are the Recent FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About NanoSTIX 

  1. How long is a pod active? 

Depending on how frequently you use a pod, you might use it for a shorter or longer period of time. However, Nanostick pods have been proven to last just as long as two packs of cigarettes. It can last anywhere from two days with some users to up to a few weeks with very rare use. 

  1. How long can the gadget operate? 

If you take good care of and don’t abuse your device, it should live a long, happy life. Devices will come with some care instructions, and the brand, from time to time, shares advice for the NanosSTIX family on their social media platforms. Additionally, if you wish to ask us a question online, you can contact the brand’s official website!

  1. Can I stop smoking cigarettes with it or replace them with them? 

In reality, many vape lovers have given up smoking after purchasing this brand of vape pod. Even though it’s unable to make any scientific claims about the effectiveness of vaporisers in helping people stop smoking. 

  1. What should I do if the wrong products arrive or if any of the items I ordered are missing? 

Generally, a reliable seller is always happy to accept responsibility for their errors! Contact them if you believe you have gotten the incorrect materials, and they’ll help you settle things out so you can start puffing right away! 

  1. What should I do if the delivery of my package results in damage? 

If this unfortunate event occurs to you, just snap some images of the package and the missing components and submit them to vendors. If it’s mentioned in their selling terms and conditions, they will surely get a replacement within a time frame. 

  1. How do I get my device fixed if it’s not working? 

A 12-month warranty (not applicable to all vendors) that covers any defects with the product will be included with your vape pod (be sure to save your warranty card!). Just get in touch with the vendor, and they’ll set something up. If you have any questions about utilising your device to its full potential, please follow your care instructions and get in touch with them. Generally, the gadget will not be covered for any errors caused by overuse. 

Why Choose NanoSTIX Vape Pod? 

A pod system is a particular style of vaping device that consists of a battery, which occasionally has a button and other features like different voltage settings, and a vape pod. An e-liquid reservoir is located inside the vape pod. Even while pods are among the most portable models now on the market, they also have a tendency to be a little bit bulkier. However, compared to the vape pens, the NanoSTIX pods have a long battery life allowing the user to have more puffs. 

There are some that offer characteristics not frequently found in cigarettes, though they are easy to carry. A variable voltage feature, which allows users to regulate the voltage is one such core feature.

That’s all about the NanoSTIX vape pod!

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