8 Steps to Stay Safe During a Vehicle Breakdown

Stay Safe

Vehicle breakdowns can sometimes be unexpected and inevitable. However, knowing how to handle emergencies like that can help come out of the situation safely. Your car can break down anywhere, anytime; there is no way to guess that (most of the time at least), and it can happen for various reasons like mechanical failures, flat tires, dead battery, dried-up fuel tank, etc.

If it does break down, you must first find a safe place to pull your vehicle over and then find help. The roadside assistance optional benefit of some car insurance in NSW can help you with getting assistance to fix your vehicle, should your vehicle break down while driving in the heart of the city or a remote area. Explore this benefit and consider adding it to your vehicle insurance policy quickly through the car insurance online services most insurers offer.

Meanwhile, learn why having a backup in the form of roadside assistance becomes essential and how to stay protected during a vehicle failure.

Why is it important to stay prepared for unpleasant surprises like vehicle breakdowns?

A vehicle breakdown disrupts your journey and messes with your timelines and schedule. Such scenarios can be highly stressful if you are traveling to important places or meeting valuable people. For instance, you wouldn’t wish such a thing to happen when you have a flight to catch in some time. Who would want to stay stranded on the way to the airport? Nobody, right? Other distressing scenarios include a vehicle breaking down while driving –

  • In extreme weather.
  • Overseas.
  • On an expressway.
  • In rural areas.
  • In remote areas.
  • On narrow roads.
  • At night.
  • In a strange place.
  • Alone in the vehicle.
  • With family/children.

These are some jeopardizing situations where you wish you had the power to summon help. To manage road scenarios like the ones mentioned above and many others, you can think about getting roadside assistance added to your policy. Once you have a benefit like this, you can contact your vehicle insurer any day your vehicle goes kaput so they can help you get going again or organize a tow for your car.

How do you stay safe during a vehicle breakdown?

  1. Find a safe spot (to the far left of the road) to pull over your car.
  2. Turn on parking and hazard lights.
  3. Carefully survey the road before exiting the car.
  4. Avoid crossing the road until it is free from traffic.
  5. Don’t stand in unsafe areas on the road. Check if there are any barriers and stay behind them as much as possible.
  6. If you have roadside assistance, talk to your insurer about your situation.
  7. Ensure passengers are safe inside.
  8. Be vigilant of your surroundings.

It is easy to get help when you are stuck in urban areas. However, since finding aid in rural or remote areas is challenging, you must be well prepared for a journey like that. For instance, you must carry a car emergency kit, plenty of water, critical spare parts, extra fuel, additional tires, a fully charged phone, battery backups, etc.

And also, consider adding an optional benefit like roadside assistance to your car insurance NSW policy so you can sigh a breath of relief in scary vehicle breakdown situations. If you want to buy this optional benefit, you must contact your car insurer or log in to your car insurance online account and add the benefit in a few quick steps.

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