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5 Ways to Organize Power Cords At Home


We rely on electronic devices for just about everything. Unfortunately, cable clutter is the scourge of the modern work desk, with plenty of power cords snaking around. Organizing the sheer volume of wires and power cables in a room can be frustrating. With all the electronic devices, the house seems overrun with cords and wires. Why live in a home tied down by messy wires and tangled power cords when you can organize the mess? We are finding ways you can manage your messy cables and tidy your home. Here are some cord management ideas to help organize power cords at home. 

  1. Use clips and cord organizers

If you have cables spread out, getting a computer monitor power cord organized to route the wires can be an easy way to keep everything neat. You probably have power cords spread out and not located next to an outlet. If you have power cords behind the computer desk, you are dealing with cables for phone chargers and lamps; getting a cord organizer is the way out.  

Blinder clips will put all your power cords in order and make them easy to access. Hang the hooks on the desk’s edge for easy access. Use binder clips to organize the messy cables. Anchor the cords neatly in a row and position them into the hoop.    

  1. Power strips with rotating plugs

Power strips with rotating plugs make it easier to plug everything into the same ribbon and organize your power cords. They are better than the regular power strip due to their bulk and often not fitting well on the traditional strips. You’ll likely experience cable disorganization when you piggyback power strips one on top of another. Invest in the power strips with rotating plugs as it allows plugging everything into the same strip.  

If your idea of organization is to push the power cords against the baseboards, getting them off the floor is the ideal choice. Consider buying power strips with rotating plugs that make it easier to organize the cables. These power strips help reduce the cord clutter behind your television or bed.  

  1. Bundle wires and cords together

You can quickly spiff up a home by bundling power cords and cables. Bundling the power cords can make the room look tidier while preventing them from getting tangled up. Take a bundle of 3 to 6 cords and straighten them out to get rid of slack, then wrap the zip ties around them. Ensure you pull the zip tie tight enough, so the cords don’t slip around. 

You can also use zip ties to bundle the cables together or bind them using plastic zip ties to keep them neatly organized. This is the best way to make your room look organized. A simple twist tie can make. Some products like the Velcro cable ties or adjustable rubber cable tires can pull together bundles of the thickest power cords. If you want a cheaper method, use the plastic zip-ties, though you can’t adjust them to change the cable layout.   

  1. Store unused cables

You can reduce the mess in your home by hiding some unused cables. This could be the best solution if you have a lot of power cords and wires that you don’t use daily. Such power cords include spare cell phone chargers, hand tools chargers, spare extension cords, or extra component cables for your entertainment system.  

Leaving the unused cables lying around until you are ready to use them again can contribute to the mess in the house. You can also risk losing or damaging these power cords and cables. Find a box to store the wires away until later. You can also slip them into a drawer. Many products, including some DIY Solutions, are designed to keep these cords when not in use. For example, you can use Christmas ornament organizers to store power cords and wires.  

  1. Label the cords

Even if you neatly arrange all your cables, you can easily mess them up without identification. If you have accumulated a lot of power cords, USB cables, and Ethernet wires, labeling them can help reduce the disorganization in the house. Sometimes keeping the cords straight is difficult, so you need to label each of the wires and cables in your home. When you need to connect a specific cord, you read the cable end information rather than trace the cable back to the source. 

Buying a label maker can make your life easier and more organized. Labeling the cords makes it easy to identify the function of each cable to avoid scuffling them when needing a specific cable. Label them in different colors to keep track of where each power cord belongs. You can use any labeling option depending on your needs.  

Bottom line 

Cable clutter is one of the biggest annoyances with electronic devices. The wires and power cables are an ugly afterthought of many homes that can leave your room looking like a rat’s nest. Sometimes, focusing on your task is challenging when you have many cords hanging and cluttering up the space. Luckily, there are several ways to keep the power cords and wires neat and safe. This post has walked you through some of the most popular and innovative ways you can sort and arrange your power cords and cables in your house.

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