5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Adult Diapers

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The popularity of adult diapers, also known as adult nappies or incontinence briefs, has been on the rise in the recent past. Incontinence briefs are designed primarily for adults with bladder and bowel incontinence issues.  

Incontinence is a medical condition in which a person loses bladder or bowel control. The condition can be acute or chronic. Acute incontinence mainly results from short-term triggers, such as gastroenteritis. On the other hand, chronic incontinence may be caused by underlying medical problems, particularly diseases that impair the functionality of the kidney and stomach muscles.  

Besides addressing incontinence issues, adult diapers may also help people with reduced mobility, such as arthritis patients. Dementia patients might also benefit from these innovative products.  

But while adult diapers offer numerous benefits, the challenge usually lies in choosing the best products. As you might expect, there are several factors to bear while shopping for incontinence briefs. In this article, we narrow down our focus to the five common mistakes to avoid while buying adult nappies.

This is the most significant mistake people make when shopping for adult diapers. There may be numerous adult nappy brands out there. But not every company is worth its salt.  

When looking for the best adult diaper brand, insist on a company that enjoys a long industry presence and high customer approval ratings. Over the years, TENA has established itself as a global leader in manufacturing adult incontinence products. The company has a fairly long reputation, having been founded in 1960. It also enjoys an impeccable reputation, evidenced by the hundreds of positive reviews from its previous clients.  

Another important consideration when shopping for the best adult diaper brand is to check the ingredients in their product. Avoid companies whose products contain potentially harmful chemicals. That’s especially if you have sensitive skin.  

Lastly, check the brand’s marketing tone and labeling information. Shun companies whose marketing language is centered on how cheap their nappies are as opposed to the benefits these products offer. Remember that cheap is always expensive in the long run. In the same breath, look out for any grammatical errors and typos in the labeling information. All these indicate that you might be dealing with an illegitimate company. 

  1. Going for the Cheapest Variety Available 

We’ve cautioned against buying adult diapers from brands that promise ‘the best bargains.’ Note that adult diapers are way more expensive than regular baby diapers. Most average-quality reusable adult nappies cost around $35 each. But you might pay as much as $70 per piece.  

So, beware of products that are suspiciously priced below the market rates. Shun the urge to buy the cheapest adult nappies even if you’re on a tight budget. Expectedly, the price of incontinence briefs will differ depending on several factors. Examples include the brand behind the product, the store you’re buying from, and whether you’re buying a disposable or reusable diaper. Still, the price variations shouldn’t be significantly wide. 

  1. Using a Disposable Underpad Instead of Absorbent Underwear  

For many years, disposable underpads were considered the best solution for adults with incontinence issues. That’s mainly because the pads offer maximum breathability, thereby minimizing the risks of skin infections.  

However, that was long before adult diaper manufacturers began producing high-quality, absorbent underwear. Not only are absorbent underwear effective at containing urine. Most of them are also incredibly breathable and won’t damage your skin.  

On the contrary, disposable underpads have proven ineffective for adults with high bladder leaks. Due to their reduced absorbency, these products allow urine to freely mix with air, altering the pH around your genital area. A change in pH can be harmful to your skin.

  1. Adding an Extra Pad to an Absorbent Underwear 

If you have severe incontinence issues, wear a pad within absorbent underwear. After all, this provides an extra layer of protection, right? Wrong. Adding an extra pad only increases friction, damaging the skin further. It’s worse for adults who move a lot.  

Besides, pads reduce the efficiency of the underwear. Bladder pads feature a plastic backing that contains the urine trapped inside it. Placing the pad between your skin and the absorbent underwear means the urine will not reach the underwear’s briefs. This can easily cause leaks. Lastly, an extra pad increases discomfort. That’s regardless of whether the pad and underwear are of your perfect size.  

  1. Not Checking the Product Composition 

Adult diapers may be excellent at dealing with incontinence. But buying a nappy containing significant amounts of certain compounds could expose you to long-term medical problems in the long run. Admittedly, most diapers will not cause chemical burns since they’re made of inert materials. However, these products still contain compounds that may be harmful in the long run.  

For instance, many diapers contain significant levels of phthalates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  

Exposure to phthalates is associated with increased prenatal mortality, low birth weight, reduced growth rate, and malfunctions. On the other hand, VOCs can cause vision problems, hearing impairment, reduced muscle control, headaches, and organ damage.

Final Word 

Adult diapers are a high-involvement purchase, mainly due to the sensitive nature of their application. Therefore, exercising caution while shopping for these products is essential, part of which entails avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes.

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