Why You Should Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds

Why You Should Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds

Diamonds are undoubtedly a luxury staple for most people, but they can be harsh on the wallet. We all want a sparkly statement necklace or a ring that catches everyone’s eyes, but the high price tag is a big barrier to those dreams. What if we told you you have the perfect opportunity to get yourself an actual diamond, in all its glittering glory, but at a lower price? Not to mention they can be found easily with just a click on the search bar with man made diamonds Melbourne or lab grown diamonds UK! Wouldn’t believe us? Just read along to understand the fantastic deal that is man-made diamonds!

They Are Real Diamonds

Most people tend to think the term “lab-grown” indicates that the gem is fake, that is absolutely false! They are grown in the lab under the very same conditions as they grow naturally, and they are chemically and structurally the exact same as diamonds mined from under the earth’s surface, so don’t stress over the realness of this process!

They Are Made Much Faster

Lab-grown diamonds are made by two processes, namely, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) or High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT), although there are small differences in the procedures, the outcome is an actual diamond, ready to be placed into jewelry. The processes are exceptionally faster (typically taking a month or so) compared to the time it takes for them to grow naturally, making them readily available.

They Come In Funky Colors

Colored diamonds occur rarely in nature and if they do, it’s usually of just a handful of colors. Lab-grown diamonds have the perk of showing off bright colors that you usually don’t see in nature such as bold oranges or bright pinks. This gives you the option to choose a ring that perfectly fits your style!

They Have Lower Prices

Man-made diamonds don’t require the extra work of mining. Diamonds are fairly rare to find which makes them all the more valuable, not to mention the ethical issues surrounding mining have been a concern for most buyers. With lab-grown options, you don’t have to worry about any of these or the extra numbers that they bring to the price tag. Man-made diamonds are generally around 40-50% cheaper than natural ones, what a steal!

If you are convinced by lab-grown diamonds, hurry up and choose your desired diamonds at your convenience!

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