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It’s not often that you find a phone company that’s committed to repairability. There are plenty of manufacturers that design their phones to not be liable for repairs. Most of the major companies out there (Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.) would want consumers to come to them for any fixes that might be needed. That’s just the world we live in these days. 

So it’s really refreshing to see outfits like Fairphone work on a different line. The Fairphone brand of phones prioritizes one thing above all else – consumer rights. That means that the phones it creates are accessible, customizable, and repairable. It’s the primary philosophy that the company operates on, and with the launch of the Fairphone 4, its latest offering, this ethos is on full display for everyone to witness.

Here’s why we believe that Fairphone is on the right track, and why more companies need to be focused on repairability as their main selling point. 

Why do phones need to be more repairable

We live in an age where it’s common for people to buy new phones every two years or so. Given that cell phones have become a device that we need on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of demand for them. We need them for work, for studying, for learning, for staying in touch with each other, and even for entertainment. 

With a device that gets as much mileage as a cell phone, there is going to be considerable wear and tear. You can’t expect your phone to look or work like it did when it was fresh out of the box. It might bump into things, it might drop, and it might start malfunctioning as time goes on. Therefore, if you need to keep using it, you’re going to have to fix it as well. That’s where cell phone repair comes in.

Fairphone knows this and has designed its phones with this very idea in mind. The phones it creates are modular and spare parts are readily available for it online on its website. This makes it extremely easy for you to fix that broken camera module or change the charging port on it. It also makes it very easy to do so as well, with no sight of security screws or manufacturing tricks that would dissuade people from opening it up. Fairphone wants you to open up their phones and fix them yourself, and it shows with their devices. 

The beauty of Fairphone’s model

Fairphone has crafted an entire business model that is friendly to both consumers and technicians. It provides the phones with stock Android and a host of options for the consumer. Prices for its latest phone, the Fairphone 4 start at 579 Euros, which might seem a bit much for an average phone. The value, however, lies in the additional benefits it offers. 

For starters, the phone comes with a base of 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G to run things and ships with Android 11 out of the box. This does make the phone future-proof to a considerable extent, and with its promised support for up to 5 years, the phone will definitely go the distance. To make sure that it lasts that long, it offers components of the phone on its website so that you can easily order it and have the parts delivered to you. No hassle, no worries. 

This business model allows it to not only provide phones that will last a while but will also be easy to fix and have parts readily available. This can help out repair shops quite a lot, since they can order extra parts along with the phone, sell the phone and catalog their parts in their repair shop software, and then easily offer lifetime replacement services to anyone who buys the Fairphone. So not only is their business model beneficial for the company, it also incentivizes repair shops and retailers as well. 

The reality of the economy as we know it

The COVID-19 epidemic has changed a lot of things in such a short time. All across the world, we’re seeing chip shortages and supply chain issues, which have consequently made prices skyrocket in a lot of areas. 

Electronics have taken a hard hit, as a result – computers and cell phones are gradually becoming more expensive to own now. As a result, consumers are relying on devices that they either owned previously or have been owned by someone else beforehand. 

When it comes to cell phones, we’re seeing more people rely on older devices instead of snapping up the latest expensive ones on the market. For this reason, cell phone repair shops, cell phone repair shop software and their services are more important than ever. However, in order for cell phone repairs to actually happen, we need to have phones that are easy to repair in the first place. As the current trend goes, finding a phone that can be fixed easily is proving to be much more difficult.

The Fairphone model provides a solution to this problem by introducing a phone that can work in current times, is future-proof, and that can be easily fixed. This makes it great for people who just can’t afford the next $1,000 smartphone to hit shelves. They need something sustainable, and Fairphone can provide the answer to their needs. 

Closing Thoughts

Having a phone that’s modular, easily repairable, and that can be passed down to other people is something a lot more apt in such times. While companies like Samsung, Apple, Google, Xiaomi, and the rest continue to release cutting-edge phones, the reality is that for the average consumer, these phones are not feasible. Repairing an iPhone today can cost quite a lot of money, and the less that is said about their stance on the right to repair, the better. Add to that the ongoing economic and environmental crisis, the mass exodus of the working class from menial jobs, and the refusal of many workplaces to raise the minimum wage, and you’ve got yourself a real problem. 

It’s in moments like these that we realize just how much we need companies that focus on the consumer more than trying to nickel and dime them with all their offerings. People need to spend their money carefully, and they need to know that the ones that they’re giving their money to have their best interests at heart. This is why companies like Fairphone need to exist and break away from the mold. They offer greater consumer benefit while also maintaining a healthy business model that can sustain them without coming off as greedy. 

If more companies were as mindful of the consumer, the technicians, and the repair industry as a whole, we would certainly be in a much better place.

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