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The 5 Best Trailer Theft Prevention Devices on the Market

The 5 Best Trailer Theft Prevention Devices on the Market

A decent 24′ trailer will cost you about $23000. The figure can go higher or lower depending on the trailer you want. Even purchasing a small trailer is a heavy investment.

In the post-pandemic world, more companies have adopted a delivery system. This has increased the popularity of steel trailers. The downside to this is that trailers have become a target for theft.

Owners have to be tactical regarding security since they can’t merge trailers to the vehicle. Keep reading as we discuss five of the best trailer theft prevention devices.

Hitch Coupler Lock

Trailer thefts vary depending on how experienced the thieves are. Either way, they’ll be looking for a loosely attached trailer. You’ll have a theft-proof trailer if you can prevent them from hitching it up.

Hitch coupler locks come in various designs, but it’s advisable to go for the master lock. Even the most experienced thieves find it hard to mess with the lock. This is because it rounds the front making it hard to cut it off.

Besides, it prevents any insertion of balls into the couple. It’s a common tactic among thieves. For the best results, insert the lock into the latch hole of the receiver tube.

This way, the hitch coupler lock will attach to the coupler. The thieves’ best option is to cut through the lock to undo this.

Doing so will take much time and produce a lot of noise. Thus, you will have ample time to catch the thieves.

Besides, it’s wise to park your trailer in a well-lit area near settlements. You will shorten the response time and catch the perpetrator in the act.

If you fail to use the ball mount for a long time, make sure you remove it. This action will protect the hitch-coupler lock from harsh weather conditions.

GPS Tracking System

Managing one or two trailers can be easy. But, what do you do when you have an entire fleet? This is where a trailer GPS tracker comes in.

A GPS tracking system uses the navigation satellite system to relay radio signals. The signals can tell the location of the trailer at all times. You can set the system to alert you every time a trailer starts moving.

In this way, you can decipher whether a theft has occurred or it’s in the right hands. GPS trackers work differently from other trailer anti-theft devices. But they are the most effective.

It’s advisable to work with a reliable company that you can contact any time of day. You can also use the tracker with trailer locks for the best security,

When informing the police about the trailer theft, they will probe for details. So it’s advisable to have basic information about your trailer. This should include the manufacturer, serial number, and model.

It’s best to hide the tracker so it won’t easily be detected. Otherwise, the thieves will locate and throw it away, sending you on a wild goose chase.

Wheel Chock Lock

You can also use a chock lock to harness the wheels on any vehicle. For trailers, you’ll have to purchase the big ones.

To use the lock, start by inserting the key into the lock cylinder. Turn it quarter way into the clockwise direction. This action will enable the lock cylinder to pop up, which allows you to separate the arms.

You can take them completely off or to your desired width. Then go ahead and attach it to your wheel.

Push the lock cylinder back in to engage the lock. Thieves find this lock very hard to break. Even if they choose to cut it off, they risk damaging the tire.

Since this would make their escape harder, they abandon the mission altogether. This makes wheel chock locks one of the best trailer locks out there.

X-Chock Locks

The best thing with these trailer locks is that they offer you more than security. Most trailer owners buy x-chock locks to keep the vehicles stable.

Consult your local dealer to figure out the size of chock locks that would be ideal for your trailer. Slide the chock lock between two tires. Place it in the middle of the tire treads for the best results.

Screw the top so that the lock expands to fill the space between the tires. The opposing pressure will prevent the tires from wobbling around. Then, use a cable lock to fasten the chock lock onto the wheels.

This makes it impossible for the thieves to move the trailer. Most trailer owners prefer using other trailer anti-theft devices along with X-chock locks.

Trailer Alarms

If you are looking for an effective trailer anti-theft method, invest in alarm systems. Light sensors can tell when someone makes any movement on the trailer.

If thieves try to unlock any doors or undo locks, the alarm will go off. For the best results, purchase alarm systems with LED lights.

Any sight of the blinking lights prevents thieves from tampering with the trailer. They understand that any interference will offset the alarm, attracting the attention of everyone.

Park your trailer where you can easily see it from your house. Thus, you can catch any action as soon as the alarm goes off. As much as alarms are effective, it’s wise to use them with trailer locks.

Trailer Theft Prevention Devices

Buying a trailer is a heavy investment and should be treated as such. This is why you should go out of your way to ensure that you have the best trailer theft prevention devices.

Using trailer locks is an effective way to keep the thieves at bay. However, you get the best results when you incorporate a tracking system. You can locate your trailer if the thieves manage to break the locks.

Ensure you work with a reliable tracking system, especially when managing an entire fleet. It’s also wise to report to the police in case of any theft attempt. The information will help other trailer owners in heightening their security.

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