Why The Daihatsu Terios 2022 Is Such An Amazing SUV

Why The Daihatsu Terios 2022 Is Such An Amazing SUV

The Daihatsu Terios 2022 is an amazing SUV that offers the perfect combination of safety and fuel efficiency. The article discusses the different features of this car and why it’s such a great vehicle.

Introduction of the Daihatsu Terios 2022

Daihatsu Terios, a big name in Indonesia’s low sport utility vehicle (SUV) segment, can’t be doubted.  Having a variety of variants offered at prices that tend to be affordable is one of the attractions for consumers. Not to mention the latest Daihatsu Terios engine offers efficient fuel consumption. The Terios currently being sold is a facelifted version that is sold with the cheapest price tag of IDR 211 million, namely the X MT variant. While the most expensive variant is inhabited by Terios R Deluxe AT which is sold for Rp. 264 million.

Benefits Of Driving The Daihatsu Terios 2022

  1. Increased Safety ā€“ SUVs are much safer than regular cars when it comes to collisions. They are also more resistant to damage in accidents.
  1. Improved Quality Of Life ā€“ Driving an SUV allows you to enjoy a better quality of life. You will have more space in which to move around, and you will be able to drive more easily and safely on bad roads.
  2. Greater Flexibility ā€“ An SUV is much more flexible than a regular car when it comes to transporting large items or groups of people. You will also be able to drive in tight spaces that would otherwise be impossible for a smaller car.


The Daihatsu Terios 2022 is one of the most popular SUVs on the market today, and for good reason. Not only does it offer features that make it a versatile choice for drivers and families, but its design is also top-notch. This car is sure to turn heads wherever you go, and its long list of standard features makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a vehicle that can handle all their needs. If you’re in the market for an SUV, be sure to give the Daihatsu Terios 2022 a look!

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