Why Mobile Home Park Investments Are on the Rise

Real estate investments in multifamily and commercial properties may be popular. Mobile home parks in Texas have recently garnered the attention of investors. Some of the largest institutional investors and real estate firms in the United States place large bets on manufactured homes. Investing in mobile home parks is becoming increasingly popular for various reasons.

> Low Expense of Ownership

It is the responsibility of the mobile home park’s owner to keep the park in good working order. Landscaping, pool maintenance, and snow shoveling expenses fall under this category. The owner does not have to shoulder the cost of home repairs. As a result, no plumbing or wiring issues need to be addressed. These costs are the responsibility of the mobile home owner. Keeping the land in good condition usually is done once or twice a year. As a result, purchasing a mobile home park is easier than buying a rental property. Make sure you choose the best mobile home park broker for the best deal.

> There’s a Lot of Demand

For the past few years, the cost of housing in the United States has risen faster than the average American’s salary. Moreover, a third of households in the United States spend more than 30% of their annual income on housing. Additionally, the quality of mobile houses has gone up significantly in recent years. Increasing numbers of young professionals gravitate toward low-income housing and communal living because manufactured housing is now equivalent to on-site housing.

> Low Turnover

Mobile-home owners should expect to pay between $5,000 and $10,000 to move their homes to a new location. Tenant turnover in mobile home parks is limited due to the high moving expense. In rental properties, this is not the case. Moving to a new neighborhood doesn’t necessitate the complete unit being relocated. Investors may face high vacancy rates because tenants might pack up and depart. 

> Multiple Sources of Income

Rent is the only source of revenue for residents of multifamily residences. It’s possible to make money from many sources when you own affordable mobile homes. Renting out space in your park generates revenue. In addition, you can purchase multiple mobile homes and then rent them out. Mobile homes have a cheaper cost per unit than apartments, making them a viable alternative even for small investors. Garage spaces can be rented alone or as part of a package, and the latter option is even more flexible. Mobile home parks can be a lucrative source of income in various ways.

How Do You Find the Best Mobile Home Parks?

Even if you don’t find a property that interests you, you might try to contact the owner and ask if they’re open to selling. On the other hand, it makes the procedure easier. A mobile home park in Montana is included in the broadest commercial and residential real estate database available. Millions of investment options are available with complete and correct ownership information.

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