Why Did Google Remove Some of My Reviews?

Why Did Google Remove Some of My Reviews?

Google is a powerful search engine that can make or break your business. One of the ways it can do this is by removing reviews from your Google My Business listing. This can be disastrous for businesses that rely on online reviews to generate traffic and sales. In this article, we will discuss a case study of a business whose reviews were removed by Google. We will also explore the reasons why this might have happened, and provide tips on how to prevent it from happening to you.

Google’s Review Filter Does Not Catch All Fake/Paid Reviews

So you’re thinking this filter is going to help remove the dozens of fake reviews your competitor has on their listings? It’s important that before we get excited and hopeful, I should probably let people know about how well it actually works. When applying for business pages through google my business (, there are two things Google looks at: quality + relevance . The beauty behind these three words lie within what they mean- “quality” as in having actual customers who leave legitimate feedback; “relevance” meaning if someone searching online can find me then chances are my business is relevant .

These are important factors because they help google to keep the playing field level for all businesses- small or large, local or global. The idea is that if your business page meets these qualifications then you’re more likely to rank higher on SERPS than those who don’t. Makes sense, right? Weeding out the fakes not only makes it difficult for those who engage in such activities to game the system, but also provides searchers with more accurate info which is always a good thing.

What Does the Review Filter do?

Reviews are often filtered because they come from an IP address that is flagged as suspicious. Sometimes people who leave reviews have their account locked or deleted, which means the only way to post another one will be through this website’s forum and not directly with Buy Google Reviews! You can try contacting them if you think someone may have wrongfully prevented your feedback submission- many business owners report back within days though so do check in before giving up hope entirely

Once we receive notification about bad reviewers there’s nothing else left but wait until our team gets around doing something about it. If a business is large enough they may have someone who specifically deals with these types of things but for the majority of us, we’re at the mercy of Google’s customer service.

Bummer, I Know

It really is quite unfortunate when this happens because there’s nothing you can do about it- except maybe try reaching out to Google and see if they’ll manually review your case. From what I’ve seen, it’s a long shot but still worth a try! In the meantime, focus on getting more high-quality reviews from actual customers. These are the ones that will help you rank higher in SERPS and convert leads into sales.

Would I Lose My Reviews if Google Suspends the Listing?

When you receive a hard suspension from Google Maps, this means that the listing has been removed and all of its reviews will be gone. However if your business gets restored by My Business then they’ll come back since those are still attached to his/her account- even though he may not have made any changes himself! Soft suspensions mean there’s an issue with verification but no action is taken against user feedback as longs it meets certain criteria (quality & frequency).

Suspensions can happen for a number of reasons, the most common being multiple listings for the same business or having fictitious business information. If you think your listing has been suspended unjustly then you can appeal it through this form.

How Do You Tell If Your Personal Reviews Have Been Filtered?

If you want to know if your review has been filtered on Google Maps, just log into the app and click “Your contributions” in order. You’ll then see a tab called “Reviews”. Take this URL with Incognito window (this will let us compare # of reviews logged-in vs out), copy it onto one line without spaces before pasting directly below where we first enter our name/profile info at

This is what you should see:

If there are any filtered reviews, they’ll have a strikethrough and say “This review didn’t meet our community guidelines”. If this is the case then it’s likely because the reviewer used profanity, made threats, or was otherwise abusive in his/her comment. Another possibility is that he/she left several reviews in a short period of time, which can also lead to Google taking action.

If you don’t see any filtered reviews but think there should be, then it’s possible that they were left from an IP address that’s been flagged as suspicious. In this case, there’s not much you can do except wait and see if they eventually show up.

What Should I do if Google Filtered My Reviews?

The number of reviews at the top does not match up with what you see on your own business listing. This could be due to a bug, so before losing sleep over it make sure that all other aspects are correct and accounted for such as location information or any other outstanding features listed in Google My Business (GMB). If everything checks out then post over here – we’ll try our best fix this issue!

If you think your reviews were filtered unfairly, the best course of action is to reach out to Google and try to get them manually reviewed. As I mentioned before, this is a long shot but it’s still worth a try. In the meantime, focus on getting more high-quality reviews from actual customers. These are the ones that will help you rank higher in SERPS and convert leads into sales.

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