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What Is Quora? Beginner Use Quora

6 tips for making money from quora

You must have heard the name of Quora. Actually, it is a question-and-answer based platform, where you can ask any question. But now that the Quora Partner Program has been launched, you can also earn online by asking questions. This is the easiest option to earn online. Because there is not much effort here.

One has to write only 1-2 line questions and earn money from it throughout the year. This is the reason why Quora is being discussed a lot on the internet these days. If you also want to earn from Quora then this article is especially for you. So read it completely 6 tips for making money from quora.

What is Quora?

If you have any such question in your mind which is bothering you. But you are not getting the answer. Even you have tried searching on Google but you did not get any satisfactory answer there. so what will you do? Now don’t say what can you do? When the answer is not found on the Internet itself, it means that the answer to my question is not in this world. But I would like to tell you that there is an answer to your question.

Answer every question

Yes, many people have the answer to your question. You just need to ask those people questions, then see how many answers you get. You may ask, where will these people meet? So the answer is on Quora. Actually, Quora is the world’s largest Question-Answer Based Platform. Where you can ask any question and answer the questions of others.

Quora is an online forum of intellectuals from all over the world. Here you will find doctors, engineers, scientists, businessmen, web developers, designers, sketch artists, actors, politicians, painters, sculptors, litterateurs, teachers, students and people from every profession in the world. That’s why many inquisitive people come here to get knowledge. To be honest, Quora is the most suitable platform for learning and teaching on the Internet. Therefore, create and start a Quora account.

Quora Profile.

Just like you need a Facebook account to use Facebook. Similarly, to use Quora, you also need a Quora Account. Creating an account on Quora is easy. You can create your Quora account in less than 5 minutes. After creating an account You must complete your profile. Fear not, it’s not three kilometers long like a Facebook profile, but very short. Here you are only asked for profile picture, brief introduction, city name, and education and profession information.

Example Of Quora Profile

This is a Complete Quora Profile. You can see that it contains only the necessary information. Here information from all over the world is not sought like Facebook. Well, as soon as you create an account, you first have to complete your Quora Profile. After that you can start questioning and answering.

Quora App Features

Using Quora is very easy. There are mainly three tasks for you here – asking questions, answering, and reading. To ask a question, click on the ‘Add’ button located in the top right corner. To answer, go to the ‘Write Answer’ tab at the bottom. Here you will get questions only. And there will be two options below each question – ‘Write answer’ and ‘Leave’. If you want to answer a question, tap on ‘Write an answer’. Otherwise on ‘Leave’.

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How To Use Quora

I would like to tell you that you can edit a question or answer any number of times. Also, you can add photo, video and link in your answer as well. If you like any answer then you can also like and share it. For this, you will get the option of Upvote (Like) and Share below every answer. On the other hand, if you do not like any question or answer, then you can also downvote (dislike) it. Apart from this, you can report unnecessary, unnecessary, obscene and hate questions and answers stay Connect with All India Event.

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