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What is our opinion about iTop VPN?

What is our opinion about iTop VPN?

There are many VPN providers around the world offering their services. They improve their services every day in order to meet the expectations of their customers. Among the hottest providers of the moment, iTop download vpn gratis stands out as one of the best. It offers several features and a good grip. Discover in this article our opinion about it.

What is iTop VPN?

iTop VPN is aVPN provider accessible on Windows PC, Smartphone, Android and iOS . It offers the possibility of geolocating a device on an IP address based in another country with the aim of anonymizing and securing the Internet connection. It also allows access to some features exclusive to certain countries such as a subscription or a streaming service.

The provider presents itself as one of the best in the market for hiding its IP address, protecting its privacy and having easier access to online content globally. Thanks to its one-click solution, iTop VPN is able to automatically connect to the best server. In fact, it is likely to offer military-grade encryption.

What are the changes in iTop VPN 4.0?

iTop VPN records several changes , whether in terms of its features, its servers or its interface. These include in particular:

  • A new list of servers and more possibilities to allow the desired sorting;
  • Fixed all known bugs;
  • Improved connection algorithm to automatically connect to the best possible server;
  • Added Network Monitor in iTop VPN for better real-time network monitoring;
  • New servers to add to favorites to find each other better;
  • A new automatic connection feature that takes into account more possibilities of use;
  • Ability to use Google and Facebook account to connect to iTop VPN;
  • Improved Split Tunneling to support personalization of apps and websites;
  • The intuitiveness and user-friendliness of the user interface.

What are the features of iTop VPN?

The iTop download vpn gratis provider offers several IP addresses shared over ten countries to allow the location of your PC or smartphone abroad. It also allows access to some servers reserved for an application, a service or a game for example. This is how the user can access the Disney or Netflix catalog from his country. He can also play video games on a server that is different from his, etc. while having a connection at the optimized speed.

This service also makes it possible not to be confronted with restrictions in relation to the use of a public Wi-Fi connection, as could be the case for a cybercafé. In addition to these features, the provider also offers:

  • An ad blocker;
  • A firewall;
  • A function that allows the saving of screenshots in video or image format;
  • The “Kill switch” button to instantly cut the VPN connection.

This last function is effective in protecting against any cyber-attack or data leak. Besides these, iTop VPN also offers new features.

The new features of iTop VPN?

iTop VPN also offers automatic connection to allow for several usage scenarios such as automatic connection when:

  • The PC starts;
  • iTop VPN is launched manually;
  • Public Wi-Fi is connected;
  • A particular application is launched.

The feature allows you to better protect your privacy online. In addition, iTop VPN offers in each of its home window servers, a large number of dedicated servers divided into four categories: download, games, streaming and social networks. It offers some recommendations, some favorites, and many other sorting options. In fact, the desired servers are likely to be found more easily.

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