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What is Favorable Procedure of Divorce in Pakistan For Female?

Procedure of Divorce in Pakistan and Iddat:

Nazia Law Associates is a professional law firm to conduct the procedure of divorce in Pakistan and will guide you regarding the period of iddat in Pakistan. For Divorce in Pakistan & Pakistani Divorce Law, U need to Take The Free Advice & Guide With the help of Female Lawyer. The Process of Divorce in Pakistan & Divorce Process in Pakistan is Not a Very Difficult. Some commentators observe in connection with this tradition that the purpose of this condition is to avoid rash and hasty actions on the part of the husband through aversion. And to allow him to reconsider his decision so that perhaps he might change his mind regarding the procedure of divorce in Pakistan, and exercise the right of return before the expiry of the period of iddat.


 The marriage between the parties exists during this period, and the husband retains his marital authority over his wife. He may, therefore, have access to his wife even without her permission and can treat her as his wife, but this would amount to his exercising the right of Raju (taking her back). During the iddat period and the procedure of divorce in Pakistan, the husband is under obligation to lodge his wife in his house in a separate room and maintain her.

Injunction of the Quran:

The injunctions of the Quran are quite clear on this point: Jurists, however, differ over the interpretation of the strict definition of the iddat in the verses of Raju. Hanafi jurists think that the husband retains the right of reunion during the procedure of divorce in Pakistan up to the time of the purification of the wife by a bath after the third monthly menstruation. However, the jurists of the Maliki and Shafi schools think that the husband forfeits the right of reunion as soon as the wife begins the third menstruation. This opinion is based on the views of Abdullah ibn Umar and the companion Zayd ibn Thabit. The unanimous view of all jurists based on the Quran is that the husband retains the right to take his wife back only when he has pronounced one or two divorces, but he forfeits that right when he pronounces three divorces.

Procedure of Divorce in Pakistan:

Furthermore, suppose the husband has divorced his wife three times through the procedure of divorce in Pakistan. In that case, it will not be lawful for him to have relations with her unless she marries another husband and this second marriage is consummated, and then she is divorced again. Such a triple divorce (i.e., three divorces pronounced simultaneously) is regarded as a Karam innovation, but it is binding. This is a safety measure in the matrimonial relationship.

What is mutual incompatibility?

Where the procedure of divorce in Pakistan for mutual incompatibility is allowed, there always remains a danger that the parties might act hastily, then regret it and reconcile, and then again wish to separate. Therefore, the procedure of divorce in Pakistan with the possibility of reconciliation is only allowed twice. After that, the parties must make up their minds either to dissolve their marriage permanently or to live honorably together in mutual love and forbearance; neither party was worrying the other nor grudging nor evading the duties and responsibilities of marriage. 

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