What is earthing and why is it necessary?


Everyone dreams to have a beautiful house. A home is not only a place where you get shelter but a place where you share happiness, where you share sorrow, where you make every beautiful moment count and stay close to each other in each other’s hardship. But just building a house or owning a property is not enough; what essentially matters is the security of the members residing there.

There are various ways to make sure your family’s safety, namely a biometric door lock, a 24X7 watchman, CCTV Cameras, etc. These are some of how you can protect from the external factors, but what if the threat is from internal factors. So here is an article about how you can make sure security from shocks and electric shocks and keep your family safe through MS grating, pipe type earthing.

What is an earthing?

Every household has electric connectivity for a supply of electricity. These electric waves are free-flowing, which means once they are diffused in a circuit, they get free and are channelized wherever they get a path. Sometimes due to overloading or some technical factors, these shock waves can travel through the switches and circuits and may give an electric shock to anyone in contact with the circuit.  Personal Loan in UAENew and Old Car LoanHome Mortgage LoanCredit CardsBusiness Loan

An earthing is a low resistance wire which links the circuit to the earth. So if we go for a simple explanation, then it can be said that if there is a short-circuit or uncontrolled discharge of electricity, it can be channelized to the ground and thus protect the switchboards and the circuit as a whole.

What are the types of earthing?

Getting an eating connection is a crucial thing while constructing the household. But the material, purpose, voltage requirement, and land on which the property is built are also determining factors for getting an earthing connection. So here are the different types of earthing connections that can be done to make sure complete safety.

1. Pipe type earthing: A pipe type earthing is a form of earthing in which a galvanized pipe is vertically inserted into the ground.

This type of earthing is primarily suitable for all kinds of households, be it a small residence, an apartment, a factory, or an industry, as it can handle large shock waves to minute ones.

The pipe’s length and depth are determined by the type of soil underneath the property.  On the other hand, in the case of a rocky or dry surface, the size of the galvanized pipe should be increased by 2-3 inches. Also, the bottom part of the pole should be surrounded closely by charcoal, with a layer of salt enclosing the charcoal layers.

2. Plate type earthing: A plate type earthing is primarily suitable for small households. It consists of a galvanized copper plate. The copper plate is placed inside the ground. The copper plate needs to be placed 3 meters beneath the ground.

Like the pipe type earthing, even this plate type eating is fitted as per the soil conditions. The plate-type earthing should be installed in a place that is quite wet. On the other hand, installing the plate in a dry, rocky form of land or soil will further worsen the transmission, which is not appreciated.

3. Water main earthing: If the earthing is done through the water foremost, it is called a water main earthing. In this special earthing, care is taken as a slight measurement default may lead to severe damage. It should be kept in mind that the water main eating pipe connection should have minimum contact with the water. On the other hand, a resistance device is called clasps to prevent a free connection of the earthing with the water. These clasps contain the earthing surface to contact the water.


So this was all you about pipe type earthing. What is earthing, and why is it essential? What are the different types of earthing? We stoked  about pipe-type earthing, water main earthing, and plate-type earthing. We also recommend an MS grating done as it can give a firm hold to the pillars and poles of your property. Earthing plays a really important part in day-to-day chores of transmission line accessories and other electric setups.

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