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What Are The Features Of Excellent Cloud Storage Services

Dedicated server pricing

Due to the convenience and accessibility, cloud storage services are preferred across the world. Most companies and individuals use cloud storage because they are easy to manage and anyone can use it anywhere. Due to the heavy demand for cloud storage services, several companies are offering are the services. Moreover, there are numerous service providers in the market thus you might face a few issues in selecting the right service provider. For helping you with the right service provider, here are a few features that you should look for before choosing a cloud storage service provider:

Automatic sync

Nearly all the cloud storage devices will provide you feature to sync your data but only a few will offer automatic sync. It is a service that will auto-update your files on the server and reflect any changes that you have made. Moreover, it gives you a mental peace that all your data is up to date.


Security is an important issue for a company that cannot be compromised. All your data and business information cannot be compromised thus security is an essential element of the cloud. Before you invest in any cloud storage service, read their terms and conditions. 

For the security of data ensure that your service provider is encrypting the data before it leaves your server. 

To stay on the safer side, go with the company that allows you to pick your own encryption key. Using this feature, even your employees will not be able to see your files. Moreover, this service allows you to protect the files with a password when you are accessing them through your mobile phone.


Technical problems and glitches are some of the most common issues that are quite frustrating. If you are unable to access any important data then you are not only wasting your time but you are also wasting your money. For fixing this problem as soon as possible, you should go for cloud storage services with a reliable support system. For easily reaching the support desk, your service provider should have multiple channels for accessing the desk. Apart from the usual email and phone support, your service provider should offer you chat support. It helps in building one on one conversations with the representative. But ensure that the company is providing 24X7 support.

File versioning

With the help of file versioning, you can edit your documents without worrying about losing originals. The best part of this feature is that it does not change the old file while making edits. Most service providers will offer you a limited number of versions, others will delete old files after a certain time period. Go with the company that allows you to retrieve the files deleted by the company. 

What is dedicated server pricing in India?

Generally dedicated servers are used by companies and organizations with sensitive data. They need to protect their data, at the same time avoid sharing servers with other mates. However, dedicated server pricing in India is affordable due to competition in the market. Anyone can easily purchase it without any second thought.


Cloud storage services are an excellent way of saving your data on the cloud and accessing it through the internet. If you wish to get the best type of cloud services then select the services from the right service provider. A genuine company will always deliver you the promised service at the exact time. Moreover, you will get additional support in case of any issue. Dedicated server pricing is based on the security and exclusivity they offer. Still, it is easy for an organization to purchase and use a dedicated server.

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