Top Health Insurance Companies in India 2022

Top Health Insurance Companies in India 2022

Have you ever heard of anyone who had to undergo emergency treatment at a hospital and later found it very difficult to pay the medical bills? Well, this is nothing new and happens to many people. The hospital bills these days are sky-rocketing, because of which many people even choose to not opt for the best hospitals for their treatment. As a result, their health condition gets worse and eventually they die. If you do not want to be one of those people, you must buy a health insurance policy as soon as possible.

Something that leaves the majority of the people confused while buying a health insurance plan is the company. There are several health insurance companies in India and almost all of them more or less provide similar policies. Therefore, it becomes quite perplexing to understand which company to go for. Here we will discuss today what to look for in a health insurance company while considering it.

Availability of the Best Health Insurance Plans

One of the main reasons for comparing various health insurance companies is the kinds of health insurance plans that are offered by several insurance companies. You will find some insurance companies offering generic health insurance plans such as individual health insurance plans and family floater health insurance plans, while some others come up with plans that are designed for specific categories such as senior citizens, children, and women. You should choose the insurance company that provides a plan that matches well with your needs.

Cashless Network Hospital

Each of the insurance companies associates with several hospitals where you as a policyholder can avail of the cashless claim facilities. As you choose a health insurance company, you must find out information about the strength of the cashless network hospital of the insurance provider. You must go for the insurer with more numbers network hospitals so that you can find a network hospital near your home.

Claim Settlement Ratio

Knowing the claim settlement ratio of an insurance company is very important. This will give you an idea about the clarity of the company about settling the claims. The higher the claim settlement ratio is, the more you can trust the company.

Claim Settlement Process

One of the most important things to check is the claim settlement process. Knowing this is important because you can assume how easy or difficult it can be while claiming the settlement during an emergency. Therefore, you must opt for an insurance company that comes with lesser and easier claim formalities, so that your precious time, as well as efforts, can be saved.

Customer Support Service

This point is equally important to add to the list. The availability of a customer support service is quite important as this will help in solving your queries whenever you need it.

Review and Ratings

Online reviews and ratings of an insurance company must be trusted. The reviews will give you a good idea of the company.

Best Health Insurance Companies in the Industry

Mentioned herein below are some of the top health insurance companies that you can consider.

IIFCO Tokio General Insurance

The health Claim Settlement Ratio of the company is 96.33%. The network hospitals of this company are 1416.

Care Health Insurance

The health Claim Settlement Ratio of Care Health Insurance is 95.47%. The total numbers of network hospitals are 2500.

Magma HDI Health Insurance

Magma HDI Health Insurance comes with a health Claim Settlement Ratio of 95.17%. The numbers of network hospitals are 5016.

Apart from these three, there are several health insurance companies that you can find at IIFL. All that you need to do is to visit the website and check out the health insurance companies and their policies.

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