Top 6 Small Farm Ideas for 2022

Small Farm Ideas

Small farms are a great idea if you are looking for new business ventures as they can generate loads of revenue with small costs. Besides, farming can be pretty enjoyable, especially if this is a hobby that you are really into.

Let us jump straight into the list of the six most profitable small farm ideas without further ado.

Set Up a Tree Nursery

If you do everything right from the start, tree investment can render you excellent benefits. Most farmers start their farming with no more than twenty seedlings on a small acre, so you don’t require loads of capital to start up initially.

All you need is the right marketing strategy, and if you are lucky, you can sell some trees even before they are mature. This aspect means that you have a sure sale once the trees get ready. You can buy small trees or grow them from scratch for this small farming idea.

You can use seeds to grow the trees, but if you choose to grow fruit trees, you can use grafting or budding techniques to produce the same type of fruit. As a first-time farmer, we recommend doing some research so you can genuinely render some real profit.

Dairy Farming

Diary is something that will always be in high demand, which is why you can never go wrong with this small farming idea. Did you know that factory farms provide at least 80% of milk in the market? On the flip side, there has been a decrease in the number of licensed farms, which has made more room for budding entrepreneurs and small establishments.

That said, a lot of people are now more interested in buying dairy from local and smaller businesses, which is why it might be an excellent time to start a small dairy business. The only potential issue is that you might require a lot of investment as you will have to start off with a minimum of three to four cows.

You will also have to check with the legal department as you will have to follow many rules to be able to operate your dairy farm.

That said, thorough research is crucial in this type of business venture. Start with looking at the area where you want to start your dairy farm. For instance, if you are thinking about setting up your dairy farm in a more rural setting, you should have a contingency plan ready in the case of natural disasters.

Rice Crops

Each rice plant produces a seed head, and each seed head comprises several blooms that are forming rice. If this is your first time planting rice, you will be surprised to know that just one kernel of rice or rice seeds that you will be planting in the spring will eventually turn into a bigger rice crop at the end of summer.

If you are wondering how much rice one plant can produce, you ought to know that a number of factors determine this. For instance, the determining factors include the overall health of the rice plant (dictated by the level of fertilization), the variety of the rice, weather pattern, soil type, and the farmer.

Did you know that you can grow rice at home in pots? Yes, you read this right – we recommend researching before you actually start growing rice crops so you can immensely benefit from low-cost rice cultivation.

Fish Farming

Fish farming has been around for decades, and today it remains a popular market to get into. You don’t necessarily require tons of water – but all you really need is some land. Once you have the land, you can invest in tanks or pods for your fish.

Meanwhile, you can also choose the type of fish that you would like to raise. Some good options would include catfish and tilapia. Not only are they fairly easy to raise, but they also remain in high demand by potential consumers.

By choosing the right fish, you will have a greater chance of profiteering from your fish farming business. Tuna, salmon, and eel are also at the top when it comes to popular fish choices.

Nonetheless, we cannot stress enough the importance of conducting thorough research on each fish as it could potentially affect your costs. Besides, depending on your climate, it may not be very suitable for the type of fish you were initially thinking of.

Herb Gardening

The best thing about herb gardening is that it is really easy and doesn’t require loads of investment. The only thing you will truly need is a variety of fresh herbs to gain as much profit as possible. Fresh herbs are in great demand, and usually, customers are willing to pay a lot of money for good organic herbs.

You can either sell the herb you grow or the seed – and you can either sell the whole plant or cut them. There are loads of options to choose from when it comes to herb gardening.

Nonetheless, the best part about herb gardening is that it costs less, and you don’t necessarily have to invest in farming land as you can plant herbs in your garden and sell them from your backyard.

Since growing herbs is not a difficult process, there is way less risk involved. If you feel like you are running out of space, you can buy some more pots and start growing your herbs in the pots.


These small vegetables are about three inches tall and are usually used in restaurants to garnish food. Many people buy microgreens from the supermarket to garnish their food as well. The best part about microgreens is that they are easy to grow, and like growing herbs, micro greens are pretty low cost and require minimal effort.

The best tip for growing microgreens is to start small and gradually grow your business when demand grows, so you know that you aren’t losing money. The best way to make profits from growing microgreens is by growing different highly demanded varieties, as these will most likely render you the most profit.

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