Top 4 best food influencers

India is a country with low-quality food, this country is known for its delicious food. There are many food influencers across India who promote and highlight many restaurants. Influencers take your brand to new heights and give your brand new and bigger identity.

Who is this Influencer and how does it work? You can take the help of all these food influencers to promote your restaurant or food brand. Let’s take a look at influencers once.

Who is the best food influencer?

Here is the list of India’s best and most followed food influencers.

1: Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, the world’s largest and most popular food influencer garden, is one of the best chefs in the world. Gordon Ramsay also has a restaurant that has been awarded 16 million stars. The best part about Gordon Ramsay is that he was the world’s most famous chef in 2004. He has more than 95 million followers on Instagram, Garden has also hosted several television shows. The show’s list included Hell’s Kitchen, and many more food contests.

2: Rena Aveda

Rena Aveda is a health food influencer who makes nutritious cuisine in a delicious and artistic way. In addition to being a well-known Instagram food influencer, she is renowned for her delectable and mouthwatering food creations. One of the Instagram accounts with the most followers is a food influencer. She is renowned for her popular food blogs, sugar-free, lower-carb, vegetarian, and kid-friendly healthy food. Families have the opportunity to unwind and indulge in everyone’s favourite menu items thanks to Denny’s coupons. Additionally, if an adult entrée is purchased on Tuesday nights, KIDS EAT FREE.

3: Bianca Zapatka.

Bianca Zapatka is a food influencer, she is known for her delicious cooking. She has also written many vegetarian cooking books which you can read. Bianca is also very fond of photography, she has promoted many set brands and campaigns. She is considered a well-known and ideal partner for her campaigns for which people love her. Bianca is primarily known for her vegetarian and plant based dishes. She is a food influencer and also writes blogs.

4: Michael tam

Mitchell is the owner of Tam Phnom Phnom Paleo. He is one of the best and famous Food Influencers on Instagram. She makes natural nutrient rich foods for which she is very famous. Apart from this, Mitchell has also written a cooking book whose sales broke records. She also runs a spice business in which she also sells blends of spices.


So these were some famous food influencers and chefs. All of them are known for their best tasty and healthy food cooking. If you include these in the promotion of your restaurant or food brand, then your food brand can benefit a lot. These are all famous Instagram food bloggers from all over the world who have run many food campaigns in their career, which got very good results for the brands. Digital Marketing and Influence Marketing is a vital part of every branding.

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