The story behind engagement rings.

The story behind engagement rings.

An engagement ring honours the promise of marriage and represents the decision and commitment of the partner. A man selects and buys an engagement ring for his partner, and the ring plays a significant role in the official announcement of a wedding. A woman wears it as a symbol of love and loyalty for her partner. All engagement rings are circular – with no beginning and end – and represent faithfulness and infinite love. The engagement ring is worn on the ring finger and reminds of a special moment. Earlier, people believed that the “vein of love” lies at the top of the ring finger and directly connects to the heart. The idea behind a diamond ring is that it is believed to be a strong stone, representing an unbreakable connection between two people.

Round cut:

Round cut diamonds are trendy because they maximise the sparkle when the light gets reflected on them. They are the best for solitaire, two or three-stone, and geometric.

Princess cut:

Princess cut diamonds have square or rectangular sides and are the perfect choice for any ring style. They are less expensive than round-cut diamonds but provide a more modern and geometrical look. They need a more protective setting to prevent chipping at the corners or falling out.

Emerald cut:

An emerald-cut diamond has a rectangular step cut with cropped corners. Its angular lines catch the light dramatically. Since it has fewer facets, the clarity and colour of the diamond are of utmost importance.

Marquise cut:

The pointed ends and curved sides of the marquise cut give it a regal feel. It has a long narrow shape that creates an illusion of greater size. The cutting and setting of the diamond should be perfect for preventing chipping, breakage, and bowtie appearance across the centre.

Oval cut:

Oval cut diamonds can have many facets like a round-cut, and they can sparkle brilliantly. It looks elegant with proper cutting, and a faulty cutting shows its flaws and inclusions. It has no sharp corners and provides excellent durability and style.

Pear cut:

A pear cut diamond is unique because it combines oval and marquise. Pear cut diamonds appear more extensive, and they are an excellent choice for people who like to wear large diamonds. It has a pointed tip and works best in a half-V setting.


Baguette-cut diamonds are for women who don’t like flashy centre stones. They are used as accent diamonds in engagement rings. Mostly they are placed on either side of a large centre stone. Their cut and clarity are essential as they have few facets.

The most common engagement ring is the solitaire engagement ring. Diamond engagement rings come in various shapes, styles and colours, and each colour has a unique meaning.

Yellow diamonds: Yellow diamonds are the most preferred ones after the white diamonds and are available in bigger sizes compared to other colours. The yellow colour represents happiness, honesty and sunshine.

Blue diamonds: Blue colour represents nobility and power. Royal families use blue diamonds for their wedding rings.

Orange diamonds: Orange diamonds are very rare to symbolise courage.

Everyone admires diamonds, and they are known for their sturdiness and clear colour. Every diamond engagement ring promises eternal love. People prefer diamond engagement rings because they want the marriage bond to be unbreakable. All men love to present a ring to their partner when they get engaged. Whether it is a modern or traditional engagement ring, it still represents the love between two people planning to start a new life together.

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